Home Startups How an Indian Startup is helping Indian Army saving lives and protecting people.

How an Indian Startup is helping Indian Army saving lives and protecting people.

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IdeaForge Technology PVT Ltd is an Indian startup specializing in Remote Controlled Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for Indian Army, they have assisted Indian army in Disaster Managements, Anti-Terrorist Ops, and Surveillance etc.


The Humble Beginnings

Five IIT Bombay alumni Ankit Mehta, Ashish Bhat, Rahul Singh, Vipul Joshi and Amardeep Singh started ideaForge Technology in 2010. Their Startup was incubated in IIT Bombay’s incubator SINE. ideaForge is progressing day in and day out, within three years of inception ideaForge was able to bag 13 million USD in funding ( average exchange rate for 2013 1 USD to 53.36 INR).
Apart from whopping investment the investors are also giants, one is Indian IT giant Infosys, along with WRV Capital, US India Investment Fund, and IndusAge Partners. The cherry on the top is that all this funding and these major giants ideaForge was able to bag was in their Series a round. If this is not a sign of a promising Startup then we don’t know what is.
credit ideaForge
ideaForge has two major products


   NETRA is an autonomous, man-portable micro UAV developed in collaboration with DRDO. It can be launched from confined spaces and covers a radius of 5 km over a height of 200m. UAV can identify humans in 500m range using Zoom-In feature, apart from recognition, it is used for surveillance, reconnaissance and rescue operations at numerous. The UAV is equipped with fail safe modes to prevent mishaps, it auto-lands when low battery and return-to-base on communication failure. It can take pictures in both daylight and night.

2. SKYBOX – Fixed Wing UAV

   As per iForge’s website

SKYBOX is a fully-autonomous fixed wing UAV which is designed and developed to assemble, disassemble and operate under various field conditions with ease. It is fitted with retractable day and night payloads for real-time video footage, along with features like altitude sensors, inertial measurement unit, fail safe modes and self-checks before flights.”

So Skybox is basically for turbulent environments for surveillance purposes when UAV has to remain in flight for longer durations of time.
Major Achievements
Ø Assisted Indian Army during Uttarakhand floods to locate stranded people, terrain mapping etc.
Ø Used in Indian Army’s Intelligence operations in 2016 to locate LeT terrorists in Pampore.
Ø Developing Drones for DRDO.
And the story is not over, they have been serving various National and State level forces in various tasks. Since India has restrictions on the civilian use of UAVs ideaForge has restricted their clientele to armed forces and scientific institutions only, A strategy that has served them well so far. No one can argue future is bright for ideaForge and their UAVs.





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