India’s leading newspaper Hindustan Times’ website was hacked and a thank you page is enforced by hackers.
Hindustan Times’ website was infiltrated about 22 hours ago by a hacker that goes by name “Mr Coganz”. Although the website is functional, the subdomain “” which may or may not have existed earlier, was defaced.

Hack Alert : Hindustan Times website defaced twice in a day
HT probably got a hold of this and they probably fixed it, only to get it defaced again. Only this time hackers put a 3d moving wallpaper, their Sigel and a cool music for his visitors. The website was hacked by one “Yukiteru404” who belongs to a team of hackers that goes by pseudonym “N45HT”. The same hacker seems to be responsible for defacing of many websites in the past as well.
Hack Alert : Hindustan Times website defaced but Functional
You have to appreciate the credits given by said hacker in the footer, they may be hacking stuff but they are not plagiarizing .
At the time of posting this article the HT hasn’t taken down the page yet, probably because it’s not hosted on their servers, the ping returns IP which does not belong to Hindustan Times.
Apart from, there are other subdomains of HT we found that were hacked, probably in the past. HT has taken them down since then and they are not functional as of now. We are not posting other hacked subdomains for security reasons.




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