Elon Musk is continuously reminding the threats of the rapid development of Artificial Intelligence. He already said that “AI will be more dangerous than the North Korea”

Government Will Obtain AI Technologyon Gun Point : Elon Musk
In his latest tweet Elon Musk tweeted”Govts don’t need to follow normal laws. They will obtain AI developed by companies at gunpoint, if necessary.
Government Will Obtain AI Technologyon Gun Point : Elon Musk
 Elon said “Launching a missile will be suicide for north korea, it should be on the lower concern for the human existence”. Elon further reminded that Government won’t ask for the AI technology , They will obtain it on Gunpoint. 
He seems to be much worried about the rapid development of AI as he think that it could lead to the great destruction to human existence.
Mark Cuban “Shark Tank Star”also supported the Elon Musk’s reminders towards the threat of AI development. He said”Autonomous weaponry is the ultimate threat to humanity.”
Government Will Obtain AI Technologyon Gun Point : Elon Musk
In an interview Elon Musk said “In future Robots will take the jobs of human and Government will pay the human salary “. Musk is worried about the future that AI will overtake the human world and will dominate the world.
It seems like a sci-fi condition that the AI will lead the world and will take over the human jobs. Also will destruct the world in the form of world war 3.
As the reminders are from one of the most successful person, whose company is already working on the AI hence it would be a noteworthy to look into it.
Comment below to let us know what do you think about these reminders from elon musk. 



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