Google has announced that Google drive for Mac and PC will be shut down on the next year March 12. Users will get prompted in October by notifications of the Google drive shutdown

Google Drive is Going to be Shut Down
Source: Google
 The Giant company has taken a giant decision of discontinuing Google Drive for Mac and PC from next year march 12. The support for the Drive will also not available after 11th December of this year.

 What will happen to My existing data? 

Now the major question or the problem arises to the exiting users of Google Drive is “What will happen to my data in the drive?”. Google Drive is not going anywhere, You can still use it on web, smartphones and from either of the services discussed below. Google has advised to use one of the Cloud storage platform from – Backup and Sync, and Drive File Stream. If a user will use both of the cloud storage services on the same machine,  they will be advised to stop syncing My Drive with Backup and Sync which will save the disk space.
Google Drive is Going to be Shut Down
Source: Google

 Which one is for Me?

 Now as there are two options available to the users for the cloud storage as been advised by Google. But which one to choose? If you are a single user and want to store your personal data into a cloud storage, then Backup and Sync is more suitable to you. And if you are an organization and want to use cloud storage for your organization, then Drive file System is for you. Google also has compared the features available in both of the cloud storage options.
You can also visit the Google help page to know more about the available cloud storage options.   



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