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Google Deepmind Tech developed Lip Reading AI algorithm.

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Behold Google Deepmind Tech, straight out of science fiction that reads your lips.
Oxford University researchers along with Engineers of Google successfully tested an algorithm that was able to read lips with a striking accuracy. According to the paper released by the researchers, the computer was able to identify lip movement more accurately than professional lip readers.
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The Machine” in TV Series Person of Interest, was able to recognize words by reading lip movements, Google Deepmind AI has had significant achievement in developing such technique.
The algorithm developed by researchers is a three part work, 1st is Watch Listen Attend and Spell (WLAS), 2nd is Curriculum Learning Strategy 3rd and final part is to Lip Reading Sentences (LRS). This algorithm was implemented on Google Deepmind and 10,000 hours of BBC’s videos were used as input datasets.

Google Deepmind Tech that can read Lips.

Google Deepmind is a British AI company that was acquired by Google in 2014. The researchers deployed their algorithm into Google’s Deepmind Neural Network infrastructure, The algorithm was trained for thousands of hours of BBC videos, covering a wide spectrum of people, learning and adjusting until it gets it right.

Working of The Lip-Reading Algorithm

The WLAS Neural Network learned to spell words by corroborating facial movements by subtitles, matching the calculated output and expected output, correcting the parameters until algo gets the output right. With same parameters, the algo then processes a different video stream and repeats the process. This process is repeated until most accuracy is obtained.
There have been past works in lip reading but according to the paper published by aforementioned researchers, this algo yield the best results so far.
The length of input was taken short, for a few milliseconds, slightly increasing the length of video by accuracy. The algo was able to perform better than professional lip readers, at times. It took only 0.5 sec to identify a 5 sec sentence, with 0.1 learning rate, and The algorithm is still in works and researchers are expecting a lot of improvements by time.

Business Prospects of Lip Reading Tech

Google plans to use this algorithm in their accessibility feature, google assistant, automated speech recognition, transcribing in a noisy environment, dubbing, transcription of silent films, recognizing concurrent speech in multi speaker environment, etc.
We can see that Google and SpaceX are coming up with a lot of futuristic technologies, it seems the coming years are going to be milestones in Human History.  



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