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Go Keyless with Smartlocks: Featuring Tapplock

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Imagine your world without Keys, no keys for lock in your home, bike, or Gym locker. No we are not talking about a padlock we are talking about a 21st century solution for a lock.
We are reviewing a new class of locks in an arena, These locks aren’t just your garden-variety key/number lock, these are Tapplock. A robust and digital solution for a lock. Now you don’t have to worry about losing keys again, or forgetting about the combination on the padlock. Tapplocks are digital locking mechanisms, that can be opened through fingerprints, Morse code, or your smartphone.

Tapplock Smartlock

Since the lock can be opened via digital mechanisms, there is no keyhole or lever system that can be manipulated to pick the lock. These Tapplock use AES encryption which is really hard to crack even for a seasoned hacker. Since there is no input system other than ones that are provided, it makes it near to impossible for someone to hack this lock. Really if someone wants to get past your lock, they have better chances of getting in by breaking the door than breaking this lock.
Source Tapplock
Features of Tapplock
  • Unlocking mechanisms are encrypted with AES 128 bits.
  • Storage capacity up to 500 fingerprints per lock.
  • Grant or revoke access from anywhere in the world using your smartphone.
  • Grant limited timed access to individuals with registered. fingerprints.
  • The battery can last up to 3 Years on a single full charge for Tapplock.
  • Battery remaining time can be monitored via Tapplock App.
    Unlocking support by registered fingerprints, Morse Code, Bluetooth and App.
  • IP66 profiled body, it implies that Lock is resistant to non-corrosive materials, water, rust, water-jet etc.
  • Zinc Alloy dual layer body with stainless steel Shackle.
  • It has Anti Shim and Anti Pry technology using Anti-Theft. Alarm, if someone tries to break your lock it will raise the alarm and alert you on the phone.


Go Keyless with Smartlocks : featuring Tapplock
Source Taplock
Cost of Smartlock Tapplock
You can buy this lock from the official website of Tapplock.The Tapplock is priced 99 USD, there is a lite version of this lock which is priced a little lower. Due to fewer features and replaceable battery for not a very significant price change, we would not recommend it. If you buy sets of two or four you will get a lower price. If you are buying from the USA then you will get free shipping. If you try this lock do let us know, was this article informative enough. Comment below and share this article and subscribe for more tech news, hacks and gadget updates.



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