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Giant leap in direction of Cure for Cancer : Nano Mechanics

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A ray of hope is emerged for cancer patients, A breakthrough in molecular machines has made this possible. The Nano technology robots or as experts call them “Nano Machines” are able to target and destroy cancer cells at molecular levels.

Credit: Researchers at Rice, Durham, and NC Universities
The research was carried out by the *David Ruth and Mike Williams of Rice University, Stephanie Dawson of Durham UK, Tracey Peake of North Carolina State University. You can read their research in the nature journal
In a lab test, the researchers showed activation of rotors in single-molecule nanomachines using UV light. The nano machines can attain a speed of 2 to 3 million rotations per second and open membranes in cells.
The nano machines expose the protective membrane of the cell and can target the infected cells directly. Using this targeted mechanism the healthy cells remain unaffected. The size of these nano machines is extremely small, and about 50,000 of such cells can be fitted across the diameter of a hair strand.
Since the action is mechanical researchers expect that the cancer cells or the body will not develop resistant toward this. The scientists are experimenting with an alternate form of energy delivery source, as using UV light might not be possible and practical in clinical situations because UV does not effectively penetrate into living animal and plant tissues.
Researchers are already moving toward next stage of experimentation on microorganisms and small fishes. Scientist hopes that they can move toward the third stage of the experiment on Rodents, and perhaps may discover a larger range of medicinal therapies.
It is worth noticing that 7.6 million people die due to cancer every year.



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