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Edit, Trim, Compress and Share your video with “Video Compress”

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Using this app you can edit your videos to your need and share it with app of your choosing.
source Mel Studio apps
We make videos all the time, using the stock camera of the phone the videos so created are generally sized in hundreds of MBs and can not be shared with Apps like WhatsApp, Gmail and other services.
Edit, Trim, Compress and Share your video with “Video Compress”
source Mel Studio apps
Today we are featuring an app which will give you power over your videos. You can get this app here. Also you can get creative and edit the video into clips.

Features of Video Compress

1. Video Compression : you can compress large videos into smaller ones. Using mobile’s computing strength only it beats a lot of video compressor available for PC. We compressed a lot of our videos using this app and VLC, both beat the so called “Pro Video Editors” by miles.
2. You can choose the size of video as well yeilding from low to optimal quality videos.
3. Share option: you can share the video you created on WhasApp, Facebook, G+, instagram etc. Using share feature of this app.
4. Supports all popular video formats.
5. Video Searcher : It can search all videos on your mobile device for you to easily sort and edit the videos, the resulting videos are kept in it’s special folder or you can choose your own folder.
6. Seaprate Audio Video Filter: While compressing you can chosse to remove audio or video from resulting media.
7. Video Clipper: You can clip out the part of which you want to make a video, from a larger file.
8. Video Rotator : you can also rotate the video to the orientation you need.
9. With longer videos compression ratio increases so you don’t have to worry about quality or size, it will give you best results possible.
10. Apart from audio you can also extract Subtitles from Video as well

The Verdict

Video Compress uses a simple and old program in its libraries. It’s called FFMPEG v2.1, and it is the program used by most video editing software that cost you a fortune. If you have video editing needs we urge you to use this app, an incredible example of simple yet elegant computing.
So did you used this app, if so share your experience here, if there is an app you would like us to review do tell us, we will try to give it a shot.



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