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Breakthrough in Neurology, Scientist discovered formula of Natural Intelligence

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Understanding brain has always been Holy Grail of neuroscience and AI, Scientists have been working for centuries to understand Brain’s functioning and intelligence. From ancient times our civilization has been performing brain surgeries and it has been regarded as one of the oldest medical practice in place. Somehow humans always knew that intelligence is a product of Brain.
Researchers from five different institutions A  collaborated on department level on this research. These institutes are dedicated to Brain and Intelligence studies only.
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“The Theory of Connectivity”

The Scientists proposed “The Theory of Connectivity” which states that “The Intelligences is rooted in power-of-two based permutation logic”. In simple English, it implies that there is likely to be a single universal computational principle in action that is behind all source of intelligence. This principle explains that there is a way by which an assembly in neural structure that generates Perceptions, Memories, generalized knowledge and flexible actions. These assemblies are also responsible for many information based functions like Social and emotional Information.

The Experiments were conducted on blindfolded mice, in this experiment, the mice were blindfolded and their brain activities were monitored for different action. It was noticed that part of the brain that gets activated during activity changes in blindfolded mice in course of experiment. This observation reveals that brain is capable of reprogramming itself. Similar observations are made with the brain of humans in past, therefore the brain of mice and humans are alike to a certain degree.
The Theory of Connectivity implies that the formation of a neurological network that leads to cognition behaviour (intelligence) is formed in power of two based permutation logic N=2i-1, resulting in a neural network called neuronal clique. Neuronal Clique is a structure of neurons forming a neuron group that ‘fires together’. Every neuronal clique is reprogrammable and exhibits pre programmed behaviour.

Implications of The Theory of Connectivity

This research could let to ground breaking results in many fields of medical science and AI. There are diseases which are caused by neurological disorder and can not be cured by general medicine so far. This study will help the Neurologists to understand and cure parts of the brain that are not functioning that they were supposed to. If a scientist can replicate human brain structure then it will be a breakthrough in the field of AI and reformation of damaged brain cells as well. This research can help researchers in the field of Alzheimer, Parkinson, Dementia, even Obesity to come up with new ways to compensate the Neural Functions that have been damaged. 

Graphs representing Rodent’s Brain Activity against different diets      
Researchers Credit A
· 1Brain and Behavior Discovery Institute and Department of Neurology, Medical College of Georgia, Augusta University, Augusta, GA, USA
· 2The Brain Decoding Center, Banna Biomedical Research Institute, Yunnan Academy of Science and Technology, Yunnan, China
· 3Department of Computer Science and Brain Imaging Center, University of Georgia, Athens, GA, USA
· 4School of Automation, Northwestern Polytechnical University, Xi’an, China
· 5McGovern Institute for Brain Research and Center for Brain-Inspired Computing Research, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China

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