Google has released some of the amazing features of its “Assistant” at the GDD i.e Google Developer Days event. Google has announced several upcoming features in the Google assistant.

Amazing Google Assistant Features Revealed at Google Developer Days Event
Source: Google

Google Assistant is going to be better in the coming days. The Assistant will be more intelligent in the coming days. It will answer the complex questions, which is not possible yet. For instance if you ask “Which is the movie in which Tom Hanks played a role of a soldier and which was shot in the forest of amazon”. 

Upcoming Features of Google Assistant

  •  Google Assistant will also able to make use of Google Lens which was introduced at the IO developer’s conference earlier this year. 
  •  The Google translation will also get a huge improvement in its translation feature.
  • You can find the name of a movie by just giving the information about a certain events that occurred in the movie.
  • Google Assistant will also improve its searching capability. For instance, If in past the user searched for a celebrity. Now if in future the user types even the last name of the celebrity. The Assistant will have a look in the search history and will know that you want to search about that celebrity and will show you the result related to that celebrity.
  • Speech recognition of Google Assistant is also going to be improved in this update. Now it will recognize the user voice even in the noisy surroundings
Google did not revealed the date of the availability of these features in your phones, but it is expected that these features will be roll out in the upcoming months.
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