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7 Most Amazing Websites When You Get Bored

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Are you bored? Do you want a break? We have come up with the list of 7 Amazing websites which will fill up your time when you will get bored. The list of these Amazing websites contains different but incredible websites. Sometimes you get bored or you want a small break from your work, You want something which can fill the bored period but also make that time a pleasant one too. Lets begin with our list

1. Incredibox: Make Your Beats ON With an Animated Band

 Are you a music Junkie? Do You like beat boxing? If your answer is yes then this website is going to be a place for you. On this website you can create your own beat boxing group and record the different type of beat boxing. You will get the option to record the beat boxing too.
7 Most Amazing Websites When You Get Bored
The above picture is from the incredibox. You can see the 7 creepy guys in the above picture, but i promise that you would love them when you will visit the website. As you can see in the above picture there are a number of icons just below the beatboxers. These are actually the type of beatboxer you want in that row of 7 guys. You can remove any beatboxer anytime and replace him with the other one. During that time you can also record the beats.

2. Creepy Girl: Girl with Creepy Eyes

 This amazing website is actually interesting and will make you think “How is it possible?” As the name suggests this website is about a creepy girl. Now you would be thinking(if you haven’t click the link) that how can be a girl creepy,they all are beautiful ;D. The girl on this amazing website named as “Creepy Girl” as she looks where you point the cursor. We are not including the picture of “Creepy Girl” to not spoil your visit.

3. Find the Invisible Cow

 Have you ever find anything by just hearing its sound. This amazing website will test your hearing skills. You would be asked to find a cow somewhere on the screen which is hidden. You will have to find the cow.
Invisible Cow
Invisible Cow
  You will have to move the cursor of the mouse with the pitch of the sound. Higher the pitch, you will be closer to find the cow. You can share your score on facebook and twitter also. You can find two things there; one is a cow and another is a goat. There is an expert mode too. Enjoy your hunt.See Also: Top 5 Popular yet Harmful Apps that shouldn’t be   on your phone

4. Draw a Stick Man: An Adventurous Journey with Your Stick Man

This is one of best time killing websites that I found on the internet. If you can draw, then this amazing website gonna be your place to be. You can draw your own stickman and you will be sent on the different adventures in which you will be asked to use your power of drawing.
Draw a Stickman Epic
Draw a Stickman Epic


We personally recommend this website as We spent a lot of time on this website and found it quite amazing.

5. The Useless Web: Collection of  different Creepy Websites

 Please visit this irritating website if you believe in your endurance. This website can irritate you. But believe me, you will get a lot from this website.
The Useless Web
The Useless Web
 you will be shown a screen on the website which includes a text which is “Take me to a useless website” with a button which has the text “Please”. Whenever you click that button, you will be redirected to a unique useless website. Sometimes you will find a website with some ducks created by your mouse cursor, sometimes you can slap someone by your mouse cursor. This website is named as a useless website but it’s in our most amazing website’s list as this website will kill your time in no time :D.See Also: Google Deepmind Tech developed Lip Reading AI algorithm

6. What Should I Read Next: Know About Your Next Book to Read

This website is for those who want to kill there time by just reading books. If you are a bookworm then this website is for you. You will get the recommendation for the next book you are reading according to the books you have finished or you are reading.
What Should You Read
What Should You Read
 You will just have to write the name of the book you have read or you are still reading, then you will get the list of the recommended books to read. The results are generally closer to the books you should really give a try. You must this amazing website if you are a book lover.

7. Cleverbot: The Friend You can Talk Anytime 

 This website is on the last in our list but it does not mean that it is the least one. This is one of the most amazing websites you will find on the internet.
 Do you talk to Google Assistant, The Talking Bots on this website are from their category. Means they are AIs. But these AIs are different from the Google Assistant, Siri or Cortana. These Bots are divided into different categories according to the user. If you are a teenager, then you can choose the bot which is of “Teen” category and if You are a mature guy then you can talk to a “Mature” category bot.
The list of most amazing websites ends here, but we will be back with some more amazing websites.
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