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7 Best Windows 10 Features which are actually hidden

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Windows always have somethings hidden into it, which are dig by the curious tech junkies or developers. If you are a windows 10 user from a long time, then you will be able to understand the value and use of those hidden features. In this article we will be discussing about some of those amazing and hidden windows 10 features


Windows 10 Features


1. Secret Desktop Button

Do you know that there is a button on your Windows 10 screen which is actually not visible to you, but it is much useful in some scenarios?

This button actually exists from windows 7, but I thought that some of you need to know about it.

Ok, let me reveal the location of that button. It’s on the Extreme right bottom corner of the windows 10.

Can’t see it? just take the pointer of your mouse to the right of the date and time, can you see a silver line over there? This is actually the desktop button. click it to see what it does. isn’t it a cool Windows 10 feature?

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2. God Mode

This mode will literally give you the feel of God of your PC.
You will need to activate this mode to be the God of your PC.

It’s pretty simple to activate this mode. Just create an empty folder on your Desktop, now rename that empty folder with the following code

Now you will see that your folder has been changed to a different icon. Just double click that icon.

Now you will see a huge amount of settings like Administrator tools, Network settings, Disk formatting etc.

This windows 10 feature will allow you to access almost every setting of your computer from a single location.

3. Shutdown Shortcut icon

How do shut down your computer? Maybe going to start>>power>>shutdown. I am going to tell you a cool Windows 10 feature (actually it was also in windows7 ;P).

Go to your “Desktop” and create a shortcut by right-clicking on the screen then New>>Shortcut.  You will see the below screen on your desktop. Just paste the below code in the box.
C:WindowsSystem32shutdown.exe /s /t 0

Windows 10 Features

You will see a shortcut has been created on your screen. When you will double click that icon, your computer will get shut down.

4. Virtual Desktop

This Windows 10 feature would save your money. If you are a multitasker and need more than 1 desktop to perform your tasks, then this feature will be a blessing for you.

You can have this feature by pressing Windows key + Tab key. You will see an option of “New” in the right corner. click that option to add a new desktop screen.

Whenever you will press the Windows+Tab keys again, you will see the number of virtual desktops created.

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  5.Notifications Power

If you are a smartphone user with some knowledge about its apps notification setting, then you will understand its effectiveness and need.

Sometimes it’s very irritating when some of the apps send unwanted notification very often, then it’s better to disallow them from sending any notifications. You can switch off all the notifications of your phone very easily, but now you can do the same in windows 10.

You can set the notification behaviour of the installed apps in windows 10. This Windows 10 feature will control the app’s notifications according to your needs.

Windows 10 Features

Just go to Start > Settings > System > Notifications and actions. You will see the following interface. Now you can switch off the notifications of any of the apps.

6.Scroll Inactive Windows

This is one of the best Windows 10 features. If you use a number of windows at a time then this will help you a lot in your multitasking.

In the previous versions of Windows, you were not able to scroll the other Windows without clicking on them. But now you won’t need to do the hectic thing. You will just need to enable an option to do the rest for you.

Just go to settings, then Devices–>Mouse and touchpad, you can enable the option“Scroll inactive windows when I hover over them.”

Windows 10 Features

Now you will be able to scroll both the windows screen without clicking on them.

7. Snipping Tool

This Windows 10 feature is the one which I personally uses most. As the name of this tool suggests it snaps anything on the screen.

It’s very often when you want a pic from somewhere on the internet and it can’t be downloaded, then at most you use “PrtScr” button to take the screenshot and then crop the image in paint or some other photo editors. But this windows 10 feature will help to save your time in this case.

Just type “Snipping Tool” in the search bar of windows. Click the “Snipping Tool” application. Now click New and select the area you want to snap.

Maybe the feature which I have discussed are already known to you. But I thought to share them with you guys. I hope you find these windows 10 features useful.

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