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Amazing Facts and History Behind the 5 Famous Logos

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A logo is a creative symbol to define a company. A company always wants to summarize itself in the form of a logo. There is a different logo history of every company and every brand. We will be discussing some of the amazing facts behind some famous logos history in this article.

A right logo of a company helps to connect it with its customers. A customer usually remembers a company with its logo. Sometimes a logo is pretty much simple to understand and sometimes a logo has something hidden in itself. We will be discussing the second category, that is the logos with some hidden facts in them.Let’s start our list of Famous logos history:

1. Apple

We are beginning our list with the most famous logo. Today when anyone says “Apple”, our thinking take us to the logo of a company which is named as Apple, but not the fruit on which it is named.

History of apple logo

The first logo of Apple was created by Ronald Wayne in which Sir Issac Newton is sitting under a tree of apple and an Apple is glowing just above the tip of his head. The logo was further changed into a single bitten Apple by Rob Janoff in1977.

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There are some stories attached to this famous logo history. According to one of the stories or a myth, the logo is a tribute to the Enigma man “Alan Turing”. Alan Turing was the underrated genius. He ate an apple which he had poisoned with cyanide when he was in jail for being Homosexual. He was found dead with a half eaten Apple on his bed.

According to Rob Janoff, these stories are just myths behind this famous logo. There is no such logo history with Apple. He made the bitten logo to clear the confusion of Apple with Cherry. God Knows better about it….


Facebook logo is a pretty much simple looking logo. You won’t notice the hidden things behind the famous logo of Facebook. Do you know why the interface of Facebook is just the combination of Blue and White colour? Do you know the secret behind the “f“(logo) of Facebook?

The Facebook logo history is quite different and funny too. As the facebook is said to be the way to connect with people. But the logo actually symbolizes the people connecting with a phone just like the below picture.

You can see that f is just similar to a person holding a phone in his hands with his head leaning down towards the phone, which looks similar to the letter “f“.

History behind facebook famous logo
Art By: TechScoop.in

Now, what is the secret behind the blue and white colour? Many of you don’t know that Mark Zuckerberg is colour blind, which means he can only see the blue and green colour variants only. That’s why he chose the white and blue colour for the Facebook interface and that’s why you see only blue and white colour combination on facebook. Now you know about this famous logo and facts behind it.

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You all have heard about Elon Musk and Tesla. Tesla is the electric car company which was founded by Elon Musk. The name of this company was a tribute to the Genius Scientist Nicola Tesla, the man who invented the AC current.

Tesla’s logo is one of the most famous logos as this belongs to the company which is quite different from other cars company.

tesla logo history and facts

There is no such history with this famous logo. As you can see in the below picture. The “T” of Tesla’s logo is basically a cross-section of an electric motor. The logo was created so that it can relate with the electric motor. Now whenever you will see this famous logo, you will see it from a different angle.

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VAIO Corporation (/ˈvaɪ.oʊ/ standing for Visual Audio Intelligent Organizer), whose headquarters is in Azumino, Nagano in Japan. VAIO is a manufacturer of personal computers. VAIO, at a time, was owned by Sony Corporation, it was introduced in 1996. Sony sold its PC business to the  Japan’s investment firm “Industrial Partners” in February 2014.
The concept of VAIO’s logo was of Teiyu Goto who was the supervisor of product design in Sony Creative centre of Tokyo.The VAIO segment was created by Timothy Hanley to distinguish audio and video devices with conventional computing products. Many of the meanings were depicted from the logo and acronym such as the pronunciation is similar to “bio”, which is symbolized as the life.
vaio famous and interesting logo history


When You will look at VAIO’s logo, you might not find the secret in it. The logo is made to show “VA” as the sine wave which is an analogue signal and “IO” as digits 1 and 0 which are binary. The logo is basically the combination of Analog and digital which is also the ingredients of VAIO.


William Redington Hewlett and David Packard the two graduates with electrical engineering from Stanford University in 1935. They started the company in David Packard’s garage in Palo Alto with the investment of $538.

There are six variants of the “hp” logo till now. But there is a thing which is common in all of these variants and that is the acronym “hp”. The name and logo of the company could also be ” ph”, you know why? Because when they were thinking about the acronym or the logo of their company, they stuck with a question that whose name will come first in the name of the company. They had no idea about that, then they decided to toss. The name of their company will begin with the name of the one, who will win the toss.

Now don’t think that who won the toss. It’s obvious that Hewlett won the toss. The logo of hp had changed 6 times in the past and now as the company has been divided into two parts; hp is partitioned into HP Inc. and Hewlett Packard Enterprises and both of them having different logos. We have shown the change in hp’s logo with time.

hp logos history

That’s all with our list of Facts and History Behind the 5 Famous logos. Hope you find it interesting. Comment below and like our Facebook page to get instant notifications of our articles.

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