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How these Creative Apps Build your Vocabulary Neurologically

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Learning is hard, especially when it’s boring. Vocabulary is proven to be a constant learning process which evolves with individual with time. Today we are bringing you 4 Apps to build Vocabulary for English language in effective and fun ways.

How these Creative Apps Build your Vocabulary Neurologically
Lexical Learning process
Credit Royal Society Philosophical Tx, Biological Sciences[j]


Before we go through the apps, we would like to let you know that we do not bring you just off the shelf Google search results in our article. We always perform an extensive research for days to bring you our view. We are not affiliated with any organization or developer we mention on our website, these are here because they fulfil our parameters. The TechScoop.in is determined to bring you quality content, nothing less.


Let us understand what constitutes “learning new words”. Whatever you try to learn, your brain makes a mental picture of that by dedicating a combination of neural network, this article in The Time is very subtle and draws our attention to the seeing part of the learning process.
Constant discoveries and innovations are making learning and communications much faster and effective. Elon Musk’s Neuralink is one of such examples.
These neural networks are called neuronal clique, this neuronal clique is a segment of the neural network that ‘fires together’, the interesting fact about these structures is that they are programmable and pre-programmed.[i]


In their groundbreaking research, Lionel Standing concluded that the learning from pictorial words was superior to learning from verbal words. The pictorial words so learned were easily retrievable than later.[1]



 The part of the brain that deals with language is programmable and reprogrammable, so neuronal cliques can be assigned a word against a picture.[j]


We gathered we require apps that can help build vocabulary on 6 major parameters, these parameters focus on Learning by Photographic memory or non-verbal learning, Retention of words and Association:-


ØApps to build vocabulary should let the user use photographic memory to learn word


Ø They should constitute relevant words in their data set. i.e. the words that are more likely to be used than words that are very specific and not likely to be used unless in a specific field like surgery, anatomy, engineering etc. Basic words are welcome but we have limited storage and time so we would prefer the app which teaches word that can be helpful in daily life.


Ø The apps to build vocabulary must help the user to practice the words he/she learned.


Ø One or more must have a feature that helps them recall words very quickly.


Ø One or more apps should have an association format.


Ø Last but most important requirement is that the App experience should be fun, not classroom type.


We reviewed many apps out which we sort out five apps which were really effective in teaching vocabulary.  They really should use these apps in education rather than conventional methods. These four apps to build vocabulary are very addictive and will help you enriching it in a fun way.


1. VoLT (Vocabulary Learning Techniques) Android App:

How these Creative Apps Build your Vocabulary Neurologically
Credit VoLT
VoLT is one the by far the simplest and best app so far. We found it particularly effective because it uses user’s photographic memory. Which is very helpful to make a connection between word and its definition. Among other available apps to build vocabulary, this one was particularly different and fun. Download it from here.

Features of VoLT

LEARN FROM MEMORY KEY – VoLT is basically a photographic word – memory association app. It associates a word with a photo so that you can make a mental image of that word. This is how most of the humans learn. For example, you encounter a word which is new to you, it will be really difficult to learn it without its meaning. Once you know its meaning you will associate the word with the best possible mental image you can think of. In this part of the app, you see a photograph or an art that has the closest resemblance of that word’s definition.


LEARN BY GIF – There are words which describe action, emotions, or events taking place. VoLT guys go through thousands of gif and also make some themselves so that they can associate words with their meaning through GIF. And it’s really effective.


LEARN BY VIDEO – In video portion of this app, there is a huge collection of short length videos, describing words in action. It is by far the best way to learn words and build vocabulary.


LEARN BY MOTIVATIONAL POSTERS – In this part, they teach words using quotes of famous individuals. An image of someone with whom you can relate to, like Einstein, is very effective in recalling the words. Plus you get bragging rights of mighty vocabulary.


TESTS – This app tests user at every level, just because the app is free, it doesn’t mean you get to pass every stage, you need a minimum score at each level to get on next level. If you don’t get it right do not worry, you can keep score and revise the tough words again.


Verdict: This app is targeted for a very specific audience, “the students”. The vocabulary stock in practice is meant for students, and language enthusiast. People preparing for exams like TOEFL, GRE will find it helpful.


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2.     Snap Attack (among many Apps to build Vocabulary by Microsoft)



Snap Attack is a fast-paced word-building tournament. The USP of this app is that is addictive in nature. So it will be the first time in life you will be addicted to learning. Download
it from here.
4 Creative Apps to Build Vocabulary.
Credit Microsoft
The Snap attack challenges player’s brain in two 150 second rounds. It is one of many Apps to build the vocabulary that uses gaming as a learning tool. The best part of this app is that you get to compete with other word junkies around the world. Your name will carry your country’s flag on leaderboards so it’s a matter of honour now.


Features of Snap Attack

Game Play learning scheme: Player actually learns new words and recalls them during and after play. During play is the part where player recalls a word he/she already knows. At review time you get to know all possible words.


Gaming protocol is simple time-based deadline system, a player has to mark maximum words with the available tiles in left-right, right – left, top – bottom, bottom –top, combination and combinations of earlier combinations. These combinations are not exclusive and can be used with each other, e.g. left-right-top-right etc.


Verdict :


As promised this app is a creative way to learn new words, not only you need to learn new words to build vocabulary, but also you need to recall them when required. Games like this and word association make your neural network more connected. This game is particularly good at it because of the development quality, and a much-esteemed user base resulting in the good learning experience for its users.


3.                Wordament


4 Creative Apps to Build Vocabulary.
Credit Microsoft
The Wordament is also a game from Microsoft Studios, a subsidiary of Microsoft Corporation. It works on the same theory as Snap Attack, just the format is different and we found it a little bit more challenging than Snap Attack. Games occur in an interval of fixed time, and people around the world play it. There is a scoreboard which is called the leaderboard, which shows your rank for the game.  The ranks update with each game so nothing is saved. This is also a super addictive game, I had to uninstall it just to get rid of the addiction. Get it from here


Features of Wordament:


Wordament’s are same as Snap Attack, instead of making combinations you discover them in a square grid of an equal number of letters in rows and columns. You can go left, right, up, down to discover new words as long as your pattern has a word and doesn’t overlap alphabets.


Verdict : It is indeed a good app, it has same benefits as Snap Attack so for more variety you can also have this one as an alternative to Snap Attack.

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4.                Word to Word


4 Creative Apps to Build Vocabulary.There are plenty of apps for vocabulary building exercises, word to word is surprisingly simple yet useful and rich app. The main attraction we found in this app is that it completes the whole learning process in addition to above apps. You can download it from the Play Store.


Features of Word to Word


Match Antonyms – you have to match opposite meaning words in two column, it may sound a primary grade thing, but trust us, and you will find it tough when words get tougher.


Match Synonyms – Matching same sounding or having same meaning words.


Match Compound Words. – Match words that combine to form meaningful word, like fire-truck


Belonging to Same analogy or class. – Match words that belong to the same class, by usage, origin, analogy etc. e.g. Laptop Computer, Coffee Sugar, Acid Flask, etc.




This is a lightweight app for lightweight exercise, the domain this app covers is vast so it becomes challenging at times. There is a negative connotation with this app is that if you don’t know the meaning you have to manually search for it. Which is not with our earlier listings.


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[1] L Standing, LEARNING 10,000 PICTURES, Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology (I 973) 25, 207-222
[2] Recognition memory for words, sentences, and pictures by Shepard, RN


[j] A complementary systems account of word learning: neural and behavioural evidence Matthew H. Davis, M. Gareth Gaskell

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