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4 Crazy Ideas that became an Amazing Startup.

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Startups are this century’s business culture,  people sending shit to people making eggs out of plants, these amazing startup will surprise you with their business model.
There is a startup in news every now and then, some are selling regular products, some sell services, but then there are some who stand out with their crazy business idea. Normally we would think that won’t succeed,.but since they are here, they already have succeeded. So, here are four Amazing Startup with their crazy business idea which made their founders millionaires.

The Poop Senders*

Startup Name:PoopSenders.com
Founder(s): Anonymous
Industry: uncategorized
4 Crazy Ideas that became an Amazing Startup.
credit RedBubble.com
About PoopSenders.com: Who knew one day people will make money off selling shit, literally. The Poop Senders caters people who want to take revenge from someone who wronged them, pranksters, and probably crazy people, because who in their right mind will send “shit” to people for no good reason.
The business model of PoopSenders.com is that they allow people to send animal and human excreta ANONYMOUSLY via their website. And they do send it, not only you can send excreta using their website but you can add options as well. Now that’s a design of a demented mind. The founders and profit details of this company are unknown but there is a customer base that uses their services, as revealed by keyword strength in various customer review websites.
*Disclaimer: Sending items that physically or mentally harm people via mail is illegal under various laws in US and probably in any sane country, this information is for entertainment purposes only, we do not condone or encourage use of such services.

Mix ‘N’ Match Creamery

Startup Name: Mix ‘N’ Match Creamery
Founder(s): Mr Mayberry
Industry: Food, Restaurants
4 Crazy Ideas that became an Amazing Startup.
Credit Mix N’ Mesh
About Mix ‘N’ Match Creamery: This is not your regular million dollar startup, it’s just a shop in Portland, Oregon, USA. But it is an amazing startup nonetheless and its business model is very simple. They sell ice-creams, not just any ice-creams but something of a speciality, these ice creams are so fresh they are made just after 30 seconds of order. Mr Mayberry was an aerospace engineer and he used his knowledge of the field and past experience of working in a food and beverages shop to develop his business.
The concept of their product is, that regular ice-cream take a day to freeze up, so the crystals formed are slow and gradual, if you freeze the blend (blood of ice cream + flavours) instantly in 10-15 seconds you will get a different structure. This process gives a fine even fine texture to ice-cream. Mr Mayberry makes his ice-cream in 10-15 seconds by preparing the blend and dipping it into liquid nitrogen. The -150 to -190 degree Celsius nitrogen makes instant ice-cream.
Since their inception, the Mix ‘N’ Match Creamery has amassed $ 3 million in revenue, and 33 employees in three years. Their details of expansions and further funding were not available.
Startup Name: Hampton Creek
Founder(s): Josh Balk, Joshua Tetrick
Industry: Food, Food Bio-Tech.
4 Crazy Ideas that became an Amazing Startup.
Credit Hampton Creek


About Hampton Creek: It is a food company based in San Francisco, USA. This amazing startup has a unique idea for food. They are dedicated to only plant-based foods, and among many of their products there is one “Plant-Based Egg” that surprises everyone, carry on and we will explain it. Hampton Creek sells plant-based foods, targeted for vegans and vegetarians.
Hampton Creek was founded in December 2011, with a strength of 100-110 employees. Confidence in the company has only increased since its inception. Just past week Saudi Prince, Khaled bin Alwaleed Alsaud Joined the Board of Directors of Hampton Creek, proving that this company is to look for in next decade. Apart from Saudi Prince, the company has DuPont’s former VP Jim Borel, founder of The Carbon Underground Larry Kopald, and Cliff Coles, former safety expert at Heinz food.
Hampton Creek has a huge line of products, like food mixes, dressings, cookies, mayos, cookie dough. But their main goal is to target meat, dairy and egg industry. Hampton Creek wants to replace non-veg, dairy, and eggs with greener options. This amazing startup is not just making products, it’s inventing them, and plans to disrupt non-veg and dairy industry for good. They have a massive lab set up just for researching new ways of replicating animal protein using plants.
Hampton Creek is involved in large Bio-Technology and Data science research to create all range of foods using plant proteins. Company’s biologist has catalogued and analyzed about 4,000 plant proteins, and they run 30 biological tests per protein. The company plans to scale this Database to 18,000 proteins. In this research, the scientists at Hampton Creek are analyzing the way the proteins interact. They are using machine learning to predict how other proteins might combine to generate new food.
The terrain so far has not been smooth for Hampton Creek, apart from gaining consumer’s confidence, the Egg lobby and vested interest groups had acted against the company so far, but the company was able to fight them off.

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The Something Store

Startup Name: Something Store


Founder(s): Newton-King, E Jr
Industry: E-Commerce
4 Crazy Ideas that became an Amazing Startup.
credit SomethingStore.com
About Something store: It is an e-commerce website that is based in the US, their business model is to sell products for as low as USD 10 with free shipping in the US and chargeable outside US. But it’s not just another e-commerce website, the catch is, you don’t get to choose a product, it’s a surprise, and it is successful so far so it is indeed an amazing startup. You will learn about your product only when you get it. The business model is very successful so far, the reception from their client base is positive which was surprising. Their price Range starts from $ 10 to $ 300.
So, now that you know what their business model is, it’s safe to assume that their product is not e-commerce material, but it’s the “joy of surprise that people get when they receive their package. The Something Store doesn’t send people low quality, broken or used items, they will send your item with a reasonable value. The Something Store procures its inventory from wholesalers (~50%), liquidators (~40%), and manufacturers (~10%). Since they save money on marketing, cataloguing and retail chain they are able to sell product on retail value and still make a fat profit off it. The target audience for The Something Store is Gift Givers, Thrill Seekers and Deal finders as sometimes people get a better product at low prices.
We don’t have figures in yet, but it is sure that The Something Store’s business model is intact and they are turning hefty profits.
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