After using an Android phone or tablet for a period, their performance, as well as speed, gets lower. It’s quite a valid question that “Why My Android device gets laggy, even with high-end integrated hardware and software?”. It’s quite strange for you to stick into the continuous loop of slower speed and performance, even though the device you purchased is of high-end specs. Now the question is how to speed up Android phones as well as tablets?


10 Ways to Speed Up Android Phones
10 Ways to Speed Up Android Phones
10 Ways To Speed Up Android Phones and Tablets

The Fault of low performance and lower speed in smartphones and tablets is not new, they are as old as the emergence of smartphones. The android devices can speed up by some of the smart decisions by you. Lets throw some lights on the smart decisions you can take to speed up Android devices you have in 10 ways:

10 Ways to Speed Up Android Phones and Tablets:

1.Disable or Delete the unwanted apps:

One of the major reasons behind the degrading performance of your Android phone or tablet can be some of the culprit apps. Sometimes we install an app, uses it for a day or two and then forget about that app. Does that app forget our device too? NO. They continue to use the device memory, stealing the battery life and slowing down the processing of your device. As we are not using these apps, then why are they using our phone’s resources and making it slower? The answer is : Because they keep running in the background.

Now to stop these apps from slowing down your phone you can either Uninstall these apps or you can Disable them. Now, what’s the difference between uninstalling and disabling an app?

Uninstalling an app will free the space which was being used by those useless and will also increase the battery as well as the performance.

Disabling an app will make it invisible to the user but it will be continued using the memory of the phone. and its basically a myth that in Disabled mode, an app doesn’t run in the background. an app which is disabled doesn’t run all the time, but they can be invoked by the other apps in the system.

Hence it’s better to uninstall an app to speed up your android device in spite of disabling it. But disabling mode can be used for the “Bloatware” in your device. We will be discussing Bloatware uninstalling in this article too.

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2.Kill Your Phone’s Cache:

What to do with the apps which we are using frequently and don’t want to uninstall or disable them to speed up your device. You can hunt down the data which is not that important i.e cache of your device.

Cache is actually an important part in speeding up your phone. It is the memory which remembers our interactions with the apps. It decreases the loading time of an app when you open it again, Your device won’t need to access the internet to grab the same data which had been fetched in the past, But sometimes cache becomes so heavier and older for the device. Clearing the cache will increase your android device performance somewhat. You can clear the cache by going into Settings>>Storage>>Internal Storage>>Cached Data.

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3.Keep Your Phone’s Software up to date:

Are you ignoring the software updates notifications? This is because you didn’t find anything new as per the features in the past updates or nothing new in your UI. But that’s not actually right, sometimes the updates which are pushed from your phone’s company is just for removing the bugs with the present software. And we ignore those updates to save our data and time.


10 Ways To Speed Up Android Phones and Tablets
Source: Samsung

Keeping your software up to date will overcome the flaws of the current software and will speed up the android phone. Some updates are pushed to deal with the battery optimization, apps processing and performance optimization.

4.Disable the unnecessary Animations:

Animations look cool on an android phone and tablet, but sometimes they could lead to the performance lag in your phone. Animations consume a larger processing of your phone and will make your phone slower. Now to speed up android phone, you will need to disable the animations. To disable the animations on your phone you will need to activate the “Developer” mode. To activate the developer mode, you will have to Tap the “About Phone” option 7 times.

Now after activating the developer mode you will be able to see a bunch of new options which you have never seen in your phone. Find the “window Animation scale” option in the list. Tap the option and disable the mode just as in the below image.

Disable animation to Speed Up Android Phones and Tablets


5.Setting the background process limit:

Now Android allows you to set the number of background processes on your device. Means you can choose whether you want some of the apps to run in the background or don’t want to let any app run in the background. This can be achieved by activating the Developer mode. We have already discussed the steps to activate the Developer mode in your android device in this article earlier.


Speed Up Android devices
Background Process Limit

Now after activating the Developer mode, You need to go to the “Background Process Limit” option. In this option you will find a list of options indicating the number of processes you want to run in background. You can even choose any option from it. But remember if you will choose “No Background Process” option, then you phone will be like an old Nokia 1100. You won’t receive any notifications on your phone.

Now it depends on you to choose the option intelligently, But in My opinion, you can go with either 3 background processes or 4 background processes. This trick will definitely speed up your android device.

6.Delete the unwanted widgets:

Widgets are used to access the particular features of installed apps so that we won’t have to dig into the app to use that feature. Such as you can listen to a particular playlist of our song by just creating a widget of the music player you have installed on your phone, You can get the details of weather in your city etc. Widgets are somehow time-saving feature of android, but sometimes they are also responsible for slowing down your phone’s performance.


Speed Up Android devices
Widgets in Android phone

They consume a large part of processing and battery of your phone. Hence it should be a better decision to remove those widgets which you don’t use in order to speed up android device you are using.

7.Rooting your phone:

Do you have some of the apps which came bundled with your phone? Have you tried to uninstall them? If yes then, did you successfully uninstalled those apps. The answer is NO(If your phone is not rooted). These apps are “Bloatware”. Bloatware is those apps which we can’t uninstall from the phone and these apps are bundled with your phone.



Now, even if you are not using these apps but they are continuously backstabbing your device. How can you remove Bloatware? For this, you will need to “Root” your device. Rooting is gaining root access to your device. You can tweak the settings which were not allowed to change without rooting.

After rooting your device you will be able to change the number of settings and behaviour of your phone. But careful before rooting your device, as it violates your device’s warranty and will also expose it to some security issues. But the main thing is that you can speed up android devices by tweaking deep into your phone.

8.Use a faster SD-card:

Using a slower SD-card is somehow responsible for the low performance of your device. If you are using a slow SD-card and whenever you will try to access the data which is in your card storage, it will consume more time to get loaded. The SD-cards are categorized on the basis of “Class”.


SD-card Classes

Higher the class of your card, higher will be its speed and it will speed up android device which you are using.

9.Clean-up your not so important data:

When you uninstall an app some of the apps left their traces into the form of some files created by those apps. Now as you have uninstalled that app, You won’t need the data which has been left by that app. So its better to remove those unwanted files from your storage.

Even you can dig into the data of your phone and can discover the data files which actually have no importance. Such as unwanted torrents files, pics etc. As they will release a good amount of bytes, which will definitely optimize the performance of your phone and will also speed up it too.

10.Resetting phone to factory defaults

This is in the last of our list because it is the last option to be consider to speed up your android device. When your phone storage is like a junk and you want to clean that junk and optimize the performance of your phone, then resetting your phone to factory defaults will do the work for you.

This Decision will take your device into the first boot condition. Your phone experience will be same, as it was on first boot. Not the physical one ;D. Always remember that resetting your phone to factory defaults will remove all of the data in your device. This is the last and most efficient way to efficiently speed up android phones and tablets.

Let us know, Which Decision you would like to take in order to speed up android device you have.

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