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Wireless Smart Switches

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Want your light switches near you , like your smart phone , we found just the thing for ya !
There are times when we do not want the hassle of moving or searching things in the dark let alone a light switch. A wireless smart switch is a master-slave design equipment that enables you to make a “remote switch” for existing fixed switch. Generally, a Wireless switch will have a Base Switch which will be attached to the electrical fitting.
Gecko Switches
You have to get it done either by a trained professional or you can do it yourself. Another piece of hardware is a Remote Switch which you can use to turn off or on the base switch. Your base switch can be attached to any equipment, like Computer, TV, Modem, Motor etc. as long as they support the voltage range. There are two types of such setups one is One to One in which only one switch controls base switch. Other is Many to One, in this configuration many switches are configured to one remote, remote has distinguishable feature to identify different base switches.
The product we are reviewing here is XMT lab’s Gecko Switch. Gecko Switch is a smart switch for home and office use, it’s a safety device, i.e. The part which comes in contact with people has non-lethal voltage requirements.

Functioning of Gecko’s Smart Switch

There is a base switch and a remote switch in Gecko’s setup. Base Switch is installed on a wall to an electrical device, for example, a Light Bulb or a Modem. The remote switch is used for turning on and off just like any smart switch. Gecko has One to One configuration, but it does have one unique feature, one base switch can have multiple remote switches. So your family can also have their own remote switch for a base switch. Base and Remote switch communicate using Wi-Fi.
Remote requires 2 AAA alkaline batteries which last about 6-9 months. The base doesn’t require any batteries. Remote weighs about 180-200 gms.
Wireless Smart Switches
Gecko App


Gecko’s base switch support worldwide voltage range, so it is installable regardless where are you located.
Smart Phone Integration – This Smart switch can be integrated with smartphones as well so you can control all your switches with your phone.
Multiple re-installs – You can install this switch, again and again, you can reconfigure it with any other base switch as well.
Dimmer – gecko is also acting as a dimmer, so that light can gradually be turned on and turned off.
Timer – A timer so that if you want to turn lights on at a certain time.
Delayed Off – This feature is a delayed reaction to the switch.
Range – Each Base and Remote have to be within a 90-meter range of radius in order to communicate with each other.
Price: This device cost about 60 $, 30 for Base Switch and 30 for the Remote switch. Gecko ships worldwide wherever trade is allowed from the US.You can Buy these cool switches through this link.
So what do you think about this device, let us know your thoughts?



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