YouTube is the second rank search engine after its parent company Google. Millions of people searches videos on youtube regarding different topics and different fields. About every beginner of every field searches something regarding his/her field. We can find a different type of tutorials regarding different fields.



Sometimes when we search on youtube and we reach to a video which we want to play but we can’t, because of the google guidelines which do not allow anyone to watch certain videos without signing in with your Google account. These are the age restricted videos on youtube which are allowed to publish on youtube, but it will have certain restrictions on it. Hence because of the youtube guidelines, you will have to sign in to youtube to watch the certain video.

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Which videos fall in the Age-restricted category?

There is a number of factors which defines that whether your video is an age-restricted video or not. The factors which are being considered to declare a video as the Age-restricted are :
Vulgar language: The language used in the video must not be inappropriate for the other user. Means it should not contain any kind of abuses in any language otherwise the video will be listed in the age-restricted category.
Violence: If there is a violence which has some disturbing imagery in it, then it will also be considered as inappropriate for all users and will be listed in the age-restricted category.
Nudity and Sexual content: If a video contains nude scenes or sexual scenes then it will also be categorized in the age-restricted videos.
Harmful or Dangerous Activities: If the activities shown in the videos are suggesting some harmful or dangerous activities then it will also consider as inappropriate for the users and will list as the age-restricted video.

What are YouTube guidelines for age restricted videos?

Some of the videos uploaded on YouTube don’t violate the policies of youtube, But these videos could be inappropriate for another user. Hence youtube will list them down in the age restricted content videos. If your videos come in the category of age restriction, then you can not monetize your video. Means if you wish to earn money on youtube by uploading a video which is age restricted, your video will not be able to receive any ads on it. you can visit this link to know more about the youtube’s age restriction guidelines.

How to watch age-restricted youtube videos without sign in:

As we have discussed that  if a video is not appropriate for each youtube user because of violence, nudity, vulgar languages or dangerous activities which are shown in the video then this video will be categorized as  the age-restricted video and user will have to sign in to watch the restricted videos, which will mean that the user is an adult or above 18.
This Hack is for those who don’t want to sign in to YouTube to watch a restricted video. It’s a very often condition when you don’t want to get a shitty recommended list from YouTube after watching a video.for this, we don’t sign in and save ourselves from a magical recommended list from YouTube, but sadly this does not work when we want to watch a video which is restricted. Hence we need to either sign in with our google account or just follow the below steps.
Watch Restricted YouTube Videos Without Signing In
YouTube Age-restriction
  In this case, we need a better trick to trick the YouTube.

This can be done in two ways : first way is to add “nsfw” before the “youtube”. You will just need to put nsfw to watch a restricted youtube video without of any hustle.

 Second way is to replace watch?v= with v/
This will also work same as the above one and will allow you to watch youtube age-restricted videos without signing in.



This is a very likely condition that sometimes we want some privacy on YouTube so that nobody would be able to judge you from the YouTube recommended list . and worst is that when you watch a video which is restricted and needs a sign in , and you sign in and you watch that video BUT, what happens next is you got a recommended list of that kind of videos, just like when you click a lingerie ad on facebook by mistake and from the next day you will be getting so many discounts offers ads on lingerie.
Let us know how was the trick and is it a saviour for you or not.




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