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Watch movies and TV shows on your phone – App of the Week “Show Box”

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In our App of the
Week we are featuring an app which lets you watch your favorite TV Shows and Latest
Movies for free, you don’t have to go through risks of click baits, ads,
tracking cookies and you don’t even have to download torrent client.
Show Box

Show Box let you watch Latest Movies, TV Shows, Trailers, News about new movies and releases. You can also mark your favourite TV Shows or Movies and watch it without searching for it in its main browser. Show Box has New Releases category for all TV Shows and Movies that recently released.

Show Box
Show Box features
Show Box is a free app for Android, iOS, blackberry,  it will let you browse, download and watch free Latest movies and TV shows from its servers. 
Trending Topics
Trending topic section is featured section of Show Box , It displays Top Latest Movies, Top TV Shows, Trending news related to Hollywood and Trailers. In Trailer Section Show Box brings you latest trailers of new and upcoming movies. The directory of Show Box is updated as soon as a show or movie is updated on IMDB.
Movies Download / View
In Movies Section of ShowBox you can download or watch movies listed on Show Box. You can filter movies by Genre, and Year. And you can sort movies by their inclusion date on Show Box or popularity on IMDB, or Show Box Rating. You can actually see the rating of a certain movie on IMDB. Movies are uploaded on the regular basis on this app. Latest movies with the HD quality  is available on this app. You can watch and Download only english movies in this app.
TV Shows Download / View
In TV Shows download / View section you can see various seasons and episodes of your favorite TV shows. You can sort your TV shows by Show Box Rating and Date of inclusion on show box only. You can filter TV shows based on genre as well. If you are a huge fan of some sort of TV shows such as Game of Thrones and you don’t have a Netflix membership and you always search for a genuine torrent for the Game of Thrones episodes. But you can find the latest episodes of Game of Thrones much easily and must earlier than the other torrents sites with HD quality.
Show Box brings you news from Hollywood, regarding latest developments in shooting, casting, upcoming projects etc. The News section is divided into two tabs, one is for movie news and other is for News related to TV Shows and sitcoms.
Show Box categorizes the Trailers as New and other as Popular, the New Tab contains Trailers that are just being added and since they add trailers as they come so you will get latest trailers only. In popular Tab the show box brings you the most popular trailers on Show Box, i.e. the most streamed ones.
New Releases.
In new Releases section show box contains three tabs, viz. The Movies, Shows and My Favorites are the three tabs that give you separate and sorted Movies, TV shows and your favorite TV Shows and Latest Movies.
Using show box you can also download TV shows or movies. You can download the TV shows and movies directly by clicking on play now button and then opening with Videoder or any other app of your choice. It has three quality options viewing video viz. 360p,480p 720p. Apart from direct downloading the Show Box has inbuilt Torrent Client, you can download Latest movies and TV shows to your phone using its torrent feature, torrent gives you the option to download files from 720p or greater.
Installing Show Box on Android
Show Box is not featured on Google play store so you won’t get it there , you need to download it’s apk from here after that you can install this app by just clicking it , before you install this app make sure you enable installation from unknown sources, if you don’t already know this you can learn it from our tutorial, after installing make sure you disable install from unknown sources option so that no other app gets install without your prior consent.
Installing Show Box on iPhone
Installing Show Box on iPhone is a little bit more tricky, Show box is named Movie Box in iPhone version so you need to download this .ipa file from here after downloading follow this article to install this .ipa file.
You can also visit  Show Box’s official website for more details.
Disclaimer: We do
not recommend watching content that is not free , this article is for
educational purposes only and we do not intend to  promote any illicit usage of app/ tricks/
website etc we feature on TechScoop.in. User can try these tricks / apps
/website on their own risks. 

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