The New York state says its Driver’s license Facial Recognition technology helped them to arrest 4000 people who connection in theft or frauds . And according to them this number is going to increase in coming time .

Facial Recognition and DMV’s angle

New York : The governor said that , overall more than 21000 frauds are being identified by DMV’s Facial Recognition technology. The use of this facial recognition technology has allowed them to crack down on identity theft , fraud and other offenses to make the New York’s roadways more safer from these criminals and dangerous drivers, further more he said “We will continue to take every kind of steps to provide the safety and security to the citizens from these criminals.”
dmv facial recognition
Facial Recognition
The Motor Vehicle department of the state said that motorists identified as having multiple driving license , they obtained their second license after first one was being suspended or revoked. Facial Recognition tech lead to identification of these individuals with multiple Driving Licenses. This consequently unearthed  tremendous amount of evidences against people with prior criminal records.


 How Facial Recognition Works

When a person comes to DMV to apply for a new license or get renew the old one , he poses for the photograph for the license , that image will be analyzed by a very much sophisticatedFacial Recognition software. This software take exact measurements of the facial features of face which don’t change with the age, such as distance between the pupils. These features of a person are maintained in a template which establish with that person’s identity such as name and license number.
facial recognition id theft
Identity Theft
If someone wants to impersonate you and want to obtain a driving license on your name , then this facial recognition software will compare that person’s photograph with their existing database to find the exact match if it already exist in their record. The software also look or the match that whether this person already has a license or not.

UPDATE : since publishing of this article following important updates have taken place.

Criticism of Facial Recognition

However it is worth noticing that Vermont’s Attorney General deemed it illegal to use Facial Recognition technology by Vermont DMV as it was against state laws for individual’s privacy. According to Vermont’s AG, Facial Recognition and pretty much all biometric technology analyzes and interprets people’s bodies without their consent. People’s rights are violated when they are forced to give consent to give up right to privacy for using any government scheme which is their basic right.  Vermont AG indicated that the software has disproportionately singled out people of colour.

Guardian reported in march 2017, FBI abuses Facial Recognition technology, and it’s disproportionate identification of people of color over white population. There are 80% images in FBI’s database are related to non criminal cases, every time a citizen gets a driving license his or her photo , DMV unloads it into FBI’s central Database for processing.  Not only ordinary citizens but FBI has photo of politicians, journalists , activists and prominent citizens. 

As of now there has not been an oversight committee over use of Facial Recognition technology nor there has been any law that regulates use of this technology. There has been no disclosure from FBI that if they share this data with other agencies or not. There has been abuses of technology in past by CIA, which puts US citizens in grave concerns for their own privacy.

Latest Implementations of Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition might not be all bad, Donald Trump’s administration is planning to bring Facial Recognition in border areas and in airports. This is done in order to regulate immigration in US. Every visa holder will be logged into a centralized system, including their facial features, using photo on their Visa it will be determined if the visa holder has entered in the country illegally .

This is a groundbreaking software and will help law and enforcement a lot. Let us know your views in comments below. 

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