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The WIndows Shortcuts You Don’t Know

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Do You always wonder that your life is so difficult , then let us help you. Today we are gonna make you aware about some of the Windows shortcuts , which can save your time and will make you feel cool.

The WIndows Shortcuts You Don't Know
Keyboard Shortcut Tricks

First One: Escape to the main window from any where

It happens so occasionally , that when you are watching something on your PC and suddenly somebody arrives and you minimizes the windows one by one and even sometimes you closes every windows , But now you won’t have to do that again after getting this shortcut hack.
You just have to press https://techscoop.in/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/Windows-icon.png+https://techscoop.in/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/letter-uppercase-D-icon.png and you will be onto your main window screen without closing any window,it will make every window minimized and you will be saved.

Second One: Reopen the tab you closed by mistake

It is also a most common mistake we do.When we have a large number of tabs opened in a single browser, and when we tries to close the unwanted tabs, sometimes we close the needed tabs too .But there is a shortcut in Windows by which we can undo that mistake too.
Just press (ctrl)+(shift)+ ,and you will get back the closed tabs one by one in your browser. 

Third One: Copy a file by just dragging

This is also a time saving trick of windows.I guess you know the old school shortcuts Ctrl+C to copy and Ctrl+V for paste.Now you won’t have to do even that.
You can copy a file by just pressing (Ctrl) and at the same time drag the file with your mouse to the place where you want to copy it.

Paste the content without disturbing the format

Does it happen to you, that when you copies some text from somewhere and you paste it into your document then the format of the text does not remains same as of your text ,it actually remains in the same format from where you copied it.
You have to copy in the same style you do , but at the time of pasting the text just press .

Let us now how you find the tricks.  



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