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The Smart Glasses We Want.

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Have you ever wished to have the glasses which could perform the things which an smartphone can do. Does your glasses have the calling ability? can you listen to your favorite music through your glasses?Does your glasses helps you in navigation? and Does you glasses help you to find them?If your answer is No, then Today’s gadget is exclusively for you.

Today, in this section we will be discussing about one of a bit fantasy kind of  smart gadget. These are the smart glasses, not traditional kind of smart glasses but you can say that they are a bit smarter than the smart glasses.These smart glasses does not act as the VR or any video watching device, But it can perform a number of things which you do with your smartphone. You won’t look awkward while wearing it. The glasses are available on preorder. These smart glasses are sold by a San Fransisco company name VUE lets have a look on its looks and variants. 

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These glasses are available in 3 categories : Prescription , Plano , Sunglasses on their official website, means they can be wore by anyone. Vue glasses can be preordered from their website.
Smart Gadgets

Now lets discuss the smart features of these smart glasses. 
Track your activities like steps walked, calories burned and distance covered.

Music , call , navigation with open ear design.
 Handsfree calls , get the notifications by the subtle LED.


Other Features of VUE smart glasses are

  • These glasses can be controlled by your gestures. The frames of glasses are laced with the touch interface. There is no buttons in the frame to make it more elegant in looks

  • They last more than 2 days stand by time on a single charge and talk time of 5 hours.The glasses don’t need to charge with any cable or charger. You just need to put the glasses into its box. The box is itself a charger,It needs to be charged by the USB cable.

  • They are water resistant which allows you to wear in any kind of weather conditions. You won’t have to put it into the box while raining as they are water proof.

  • Bluetooth 4.2 which is the latest and the highest speed bluetooth version available in the market which will make it even much faster in getting connected with your phone.
  • You can take photos with your glasses too. You can use the touch interface on the glasses to click the photo. It will perform as the capture button of your phone. Now you won’t need anyone to click your photo, you can place your phone on stand and just click the touch interface to click a selfie.
  • There is an app exclusively available for these glasses. The app will help you in performing a number of things.
  • You can locate you phone by the app available. You will just have to click Find Vue option in the app. This will make you see the location of your glasses on your phone screen.
  • You can get the current time by double clicking the touch panel.
  • You can control your music by the smart glasses.
  • It comes with MEMS digital microphone
  • You can also get the health reminders.
  • Much Lighter than the regular glasses. Just 28 grams.

  • It consists 6-axis accelerometer, gyroscope, infrared proximity sensor and 5 fields capacitive touch pad.

  • It is laced with an Arm Cortex Processor.

The Vue Smart Glasses are not tested by us. But we will have our hands on it in the near future, and will make a video on its review as well as an article on its use.  

Leave a comment below how did you find this smart gadget and also share our article with others.



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