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Punisher is Coming to deliver Justice : Netflix set to release The Punisher series.

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Marvel heads are in for a treat
this year, Marvel and Netflix are rolling out The Punisher series later this
year, The Punisher is sequel to Daredevil Season 2. 

In last episodes of Daredevil Season 2, we were shown one tortured vigilante Frank Castle, which is real life name of The Punisher. The trailer which Netflix launched is a bloody representation of The Punisher and from the looks of it suits the comic book anti-hero The Punisher.  

Jon Bernthal as The Punisher
Jon Bernthal as The Punisher
Punisher will be played by Jon Bernthal, who said to have swept the show with his breathtaking performance.
Those who donā€™t know much about Punisher here is some backstory, Punisher is a pseudonym for US Marine Corps Captain Frank Castle. He is highly trained in numerous battle tactics, Frank Castle progressed his way through US Airborne School to Navy Seal, advancing and performing excellently in his Armed Forces career. So he is pretty much a badass world’s strongest armed forces can give to humanity.
After his career, he settled down as a civilian in NY Area. just after few years as a civilian, his life takes a turn for worst. His family witnessed a Mafia shootout and later is killed as an effort by the mafia to eliminate witnesses. Only Capt. Frank Castle survives this ordeal only to be disappointed by Police and System, unable to deliver him   and his family justice. 
Frank comes to terms with the fact that he cannot get justice from incompetence of the Police and hence takes matters into his own hand. He took oath to wage war against such criminals and starts killing them one by one, hence becoming The Punisher.
The Punisher - Promo Teaser Prerelease
The Punisher – Promo Teaser Prerelease

The Punisher is one of the very few characters in Marvel Universe who does not have any powers yet was able to kill entire Marvel Universe. The Punisher is also not hesitant in killing and depicting violence making it rarest of comic book hero with dark nature.

Netflix is yet to release exact dates for the series but it seems that it will be released in Oct ā€“ Nov 2017.

Meanwhile, you can enjoy these trailers and promos of The Punisher by Netflix.



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