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Make a Surveillance System with Your Macbook

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Today in this section we gonna tell you that how can you use the camera of your Macbook for the Surveillance.
It is certainly acceptable that everyone has some privacy and don’t want to share their piece of privacy with everyone,and your laptop or desktop is one of the chest of you private stuffs.Have you ever thought that you could use the camera of your Macbook to act as the safeguard for your privacy.
Make a Surveillance System with Your Macbook

Isentry Software Surveillance System

Here we are with one of the software or can say an application for you Macbook to make it secure whose name is Isentry.This software system acts on the detection of motion with the help of the PC’s camera.
You just have to point the camera in the direction where you want to detect the motion and whenever there will any motion in front of the camera will occur, it will start recording the video as well as audio at that time.
You can also set it onto the Alarm mode in which it will also produce a Alarm sound when it will detect any motion in front of it.
You will see a “Motion Indicator” light in the window  and the “Start” button. If movement is detected, the motion indicator will get turn into red. Click Start to activate the application.
Make a Surveillance System with Your Macbook

There are many features which are available with Isentry such as the E-mail notifications,Automatic video upload and many more which you can find on this link. Also You will find the list of tested Cameras which works with the Isentry on the above link. Keep that in mind that Isentry will not work if your PC is asleep. Make a check that your computer is not set to go to sleep for automatically in the System Preferences → Energy Saver. However Isentry works when your display goes to sleep. 

Where to Buy?

Isentry is available on itunes .Isentry is available in both free and paid versions. But obviously the free one won’t have that much features which are available in the paid one. You can download the Isentry for Your Mac through this link.

Let us know whether you have tried it or not,and if yes then how was its performance.



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