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Laser Projection Wireless Keyboard with Powerbank and Builtin Speakers

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How much space does your keyboard takes on your desk? Wish
you could take your large keyboard with your laptop in a bag? We are reviewing A
Laser Keyboard just does exactly that.
Laser Projection Wireless Keyboard with Powerbank and Builtin Speakers
Laser Keyboard
Before we begin

A Fun Fact about Keyboard

World’s first ever
commercially available and productive typewriting machine was invented by one Christopher
Latham Scholes in 1873. In his initial prototype, the keys on the keyboard were
organized in alphabetical order. Soon they realized that there is a basic
drawback with the current design. Even though the arrangement of keys was
logically correct, it raised a mechanical failure with the typewrites, If you
have used the typewriters you would know that pushing two keys at once often
jams the hammers.

To overcome this
problem, Saint Christopher came up with an idea, which is in practice till
date. Basically people get so adept to typing that they were acting fast than
the machine itself. Which is a problem till date. St Christopher then very
cunningly placed the keys as far as possible from their nearest neighbor,
resulting in present day QWERTY keyboards. So if you lack typing speed that’s
not your fault, blame it on Mr. Inventor himself. 
Fast forward to 21st century, we have keyboards that are designed to have key placement for slowing down the typing speed. Keyboards with Ergonomic Design are in fact for people who type really fast and need to feel comfortable on keyboard. It is really not known wheter Scholes idea was plausible or not, but it didn’t seem to solve the jamming problem, because even with QWERTY placement we have experienced it. Secondly, we have adapted to use keyboard and gaming remotes, it is a fact. Ergonomic Keyboards were forefront of keyboard technology, until Laser Keyboards.  

Laser Keyboard

A Laser Keyboard is a sensor based device which projects a “keyboard layout” on a Smooth dark Flat Surface. Laser keyboard sensor can detect your finger movement and
converts it into Input.
Laser Projection Wireless Keyboard with Powerbank and Builtin Speakers
Laser Keyboard with 5200 MAh powerbank
Laser keyboard looks futuristic, something that just came
out of a Sci Fi movie. It’s amazingly slick & beautiful. It can supports 400
characters and extraordinarily efficient in sensing typing movements. It measures about 9 CM long, 6 CM
wide and 2 CM thick. You have to keep this device on a flat and dark surface preferably
Apart from a keyboard Laser Keyboard also double as a 5200mAh
built-in mobile powerbank.

Laser Keyboard supports Windows XP/7/8, Windows Phone 7,
LINUX, IOS 4/5/6, Android 3.0+ .
There is also a feature which lets you use the projected
space as a mouse, you use your fingers to slide along and move your cursor and you
can use gestures for right clicking and zooming in and out, it’s exactly like a
trackpad on laptop. But wait there is more , there is also a built-in speaker,
isn’t that cool or what ?
To Summaries this device gives you :
  •     Amazing laser
    keyboard and powerbank in one
  •     USB or Bluetooth
  •     QWERTY keyboard ondesk
  •     Portable and
    Highly precise
  •     Small enough that you barely notice it.
  •      Mouse feature
  •      Builtin Speaker
Last but not the least where to get it and how much does it cost ? Well the product we reviewed is from a UK based company and you can get it here and it costs about just shy of  70 USD,  but there are also other laser keyboards and they are available on Amazon and Ebay so you can go and check out those as well. We featured this one because it has many other feature and it was fairly more accurate than other keyboards we came across.
Laser Projection Wireless Keyboard with Powerbank and Builtin Speakers
Laser Keyboard
Conclusion : So with the advent of technology we thought that keyboards will soon become a thing of past. Voice commands, touch screens, facial recognition will take over Keyboards and manual typing. But, it doesn’t looks like that keyboards are going anywhere anytime soon.
So what do you think about this product, let us know in comments below, peace out.



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