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Keyboard with Handwriting Pad

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Today we brought you a keyboard which double as a writing pad.

We often get tired of typing and would like to get away from the monotonous experience of typing. Sometimes we just want to write instead to typing to rest our fingers. We do a lot of typing here at TechScoop so we got ourselves a keyboard that facilitates handwriting digitization. 
This is a very useful feature for those who are into writing business. There are facilities across country who requires individuals to type in the details. This device is also useful for such places. People who run kiosks often cross roads with folks who are not typing savvy. This keyboard is a boon for such individuals. 

About Handwriting Recognition Keyboard

It is a simple keyboard, like the one you have on your desk. Instead of having a separate mouse it has a trackpad that doubles as a writing pad. This smart and unique feature is cutting edge which is not available in ANY other keyboard in market as far as we know.
Keyboard with Handwriting Pad
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The keyboard is 16.22 inch long 6.3 inch wide and half an inch thick. On the extreme right there is a trackpad which is like a normal trackpad that you have on your laptop. Some features of trackpad are annoying e.g. double tapping to mimic double click function, it works 4 out of 5 times. There are no right and left click button which is a necessary feature. 
Trackpad doubles as handwriting pad. With a special pen, which came with the device, you can use anything like a pen but it shouldn’t damage the trackpad. It can recognize English, Chinese and Japanese language and alphanumeric characters. 
Accuracy of this device is surprising. We were skeptical how accurate is it going to be! At first space feels like limited but when you get used to it you can write pages with this pad. Apart from normal features it supports USB. It also has multimedia keys which are useful except email client button, which is useless.

USB Keyboard with Handwriting pad Price:

The Handwriting Recognition Keyboard is fairly consumer friendly, it costs around 28 USD. Closest Alternative to this device is Livescribe 3 which we reviewed earlier. If you do not want to spend dough like Livescribe 3 but still want a handwriting tool, this gadget is for you. If you would like to buy it here is the link.
If you came across such device which is both multimedia keyboard with trackpad and writing pad please do let us know, we would like to review that product too. If you tried this product do let us know, how do you like this article let us know in the comments. Subscribe to our newsletter for more Gadget reviews.



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