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Kerala Govt. ordered the Govt.Departments to get Develop Apps by Startups.

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Kochi: The Kerala govt. has issued an order asking the govt. departments to develop the apps via start-ups registered in the state or cleared by the Kerala Startup Mission(KSUM) for their official works.

Kerala Government’s Order

According to the order, the government has sanctioned the direct purchase of mobile applications from the list cleared by KSUM up to the cost of Rs 5 Lakhs subject to the condition that a purchasing officer can buy not more than two mobile applications in a given financial year from one start-up.
Departments and govt. agencies can buy Apps or a mobile interface added to an existing web application for inter or intra-departmental from Startups registered under KSUM.
The startups don’t need to be incubated at the KSUM. They have to be registered in the state and should meet the parameters mandatory for a start-up firm.few departments are already planning apps, some for internal communication and updating and others for external interaction said KSUM director Saji Gopinath.
Furthermore he said that the departments firstly need to know the requirement for what they need to have the app for them and then they would have to look for the app available at any of the startups registered so that they could purchase the ready-made app otherwise they will have to give that order to develop the app to a registered start-up.

Startup Culture in Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Gurugram

As the making of start-up culture being government’s obligation, the State government has made a few strides in a relationship with different partners for advancing the same. A first of its kind worldwide advancement framework “Global Start-up Ecosystem 2.0/InQ SparQ-off” in Kochi,  by  InQ Innovation.
In an offer to make start-up culture, understudies are given bunches of chances to begin testing. At the school level, business enterprise improvement program has begun in 192 universities. The State generously offers help to incredible thoughts and has made extensive labs in a relationship with establishments like Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which has its biggest system outside the US in India. The State government has been giving an expected framework to the new companies.
Karnataka calls for the chase to recognize and scale new companies, declares Rs 200cr reserve. New companies over the state are qualified to take an interest in this first-of-its-kind program in the nation and be qualified for a cut of the Rs 200-crore subsidize. At Elevate 2017, 100 organizations will get the opportunity to appreciate top-class mentorship, approve their thoughts and spread advancement.
The Karnataka government has already started “Elevate 2017”, a program to pick 100 new companies with inventive thoughts and potential to develop startup ecosystem. The new companies will approach seed reserves, financial speculators, coaches and organize under one rooftop.
The Karnataka government has recognized 46 new businesses and endorsed Rs 15.68 crore in the field of biotechnology (26 new businesses, Rs 10.70 crore), tourism (eight new companies, Rs 1.80 crore) and IT (12 new businesses, Rs 3.18 crore).
In 2012, Gurugram or formerly known as Gurgaon had already beaten the Bengaluru in net penetration. Gurugram has 250 Fortune 500 companies. Gurugram has diverse and highly educated population. You will find a mini world here.  Gurugram generated 12,000 job vacancies 2015 alone. Apart from diversity the Gurugram shares boundaries with NCR, which has the highest population density areas in the world.
This population has the highest GDP in the India. So not only potential customer base is large but also well off financially.  It’s like heaven for startups, you get residential areas that is blooming with highly educated, financially sound population, you will also get much more tech-savvy people per square km.
So if you are about to run a startup you don’t have to run far for support services, talent, finance, or even co-founders. The abundance of techies and tech graduate in the area also give a great talent pool for startups as well. Average working hours (including lunch time) is 8.30 hours in Gurugram, which is lowest in the tech industry in India. A lot of positive feedback is also coming from startups about government’s efforts regarding Startups. Which is helpful in uplifting the morale.
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