Ever needed some app that is not available on
App Store, Android and iPhone security won’t let you do that, but there is an option
in Android just to do that, and a workaround in iPhone.

Installing Apps that Android & iPhone don't allow you to install

It’s your phone and you should be able to have full access to it. Follow this article to install apps that Android and iPhone won’t let you.

Installing Non-Play Store apps in Android
1. In your Android go to Settings → Security → Turn on ‘Unknown Sources‘(This particular option may vary for different OS version, but if you fiddle around you will find it, this allows you to install non-market apps)
Installing Apps that Android & iPhone don't allow you to install
Unknown Sources settings

2. You can download apks you need from various sources like http://rawapk.com
3. Once the file is finished downloading, open the file to install the app.
Installing Apps that Android & iPhone don't allow you to install
Provide Permissions

That’s it! You will now be able to watch free movies on your Android device!
Installing Apps that Android & iPhone don't allow you to install
App Installed
Installing Non-App Store apps in iPhone
Download your ipa file to your computer.
There are two ways to do this, one is a Non-Jailbreak way and other is Jail Break Way.
For Non-Jail Break way you need to have following requirements
You need to have following requirements before proceeding
1. iOS
device (of course) with iOS-7 or higher.
2.  A
Computer running Win/ linux / Mac 
3.  Apple

Step 1. Download Cydia Impactor to your Computer. On Max just drag Impactor.app file to your Application folder and it will get install, for windows just double click it and press next till finish, for Linux you need to install it through the pacakge manager.
Step 2. Connect your iOS device to your system and select your iOS device
Step 3.  drag and drop your .ipa file to Cydia Impactor
Step 4. Enter your apple id and password to install your App.
Step 5. Go to settings  →  Device Management →  select your Apple ID → and Trust the app you installed.
Jail Break Version ( iOS7 or higher )
If your iOS device is already jailbroken then you just need to follow these steps
1. Add http://cydia.dtathemes.com/repo to your source 
2. Open dtathemes Repo → dta-apps → & download the app you want 
3.  Hit install
and there you have it, you can now install apps that your phone normally wouldn’t allow you to install. 
Since we have taught you to install non-marketplace apps, it’s our duty to inform you about potential risks and how to avoid them. You should be careful using this feature, now since your native OS is not looking out for you, you have to be really very careful about it.  

Outside apps are one of the hottest routes for malware and trojans to make into your mobile. They risk your phone for potential financial, social and personal damages. Following are the risks regarding the installation of outside apps.

 Risk # 1: Malware, Crapware, Trojans, etc can get installed to your mobile.
 Risk # 2: Your mobile can be compromised as a pineapple, and your phone can be used as a routing device for hacking other phones and devices. 
 Risk # 3: You may damage your phone, as outside apps are not vetted through Google they are more susceptible to bad coding, or harmful coding. 

But there are ways by which you can prevent these risks from being a catastrophe. 

Precaution # 1:  Have an anti virus installed, you must have an anti virus or some protection software installed on your device. We recommend malware bytes and awast.
Precaution # 2:  Use legitimate app market places like Amazon, Play store, App Store. But if you can’t use these market places, do see reviews about the site if it has a history of providing harmful apps.
Precaution #  3: Research about the app you are about to install before you actually install it. If it has negative or no reviews at all, do not install it. 
Precaution #  4: Look for casual indications, like pornographic content, Russian or Chinese text but the app is in English so it’s been probably compromised already.

So how do you like this article, please do share and subscribe. Let us know your views in comments below. Stay safe , peace out. 



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