Tricks and Treats…Yes that’s actually with the tricks which we are gonna tell you in this section.

How to Unlock The Macbook Without Apple Id
How to Unlock The Macbook Without Apple Id

What if i tell you that You can Access anyone’s Macbook without using the Apple Id ,means you can actually Hack it down.Its very obvious that the Macbooks are very much secure , but even though the trick we are gonna tell you can make you to defeat its security.But keep it in mind that this tutorial is just for the educational purpose .So lets begin with this.

Step 1:

Shutdown the PC or Laptop and start it again and press Command + S key.

Step 2:

Type mount -uw / and then hit Return.

Step 3:

Now type rm /var/db/.applesetupdone and then hit Return.

Step 4:

Now type shutdown -h now  and then hit Return,your computer will get shutdown.

Step 5:

Now startup your PC and what will you see is the Account form for Admin.Fill this form and then you will see the create a computer account form.fill it also with your details.

 Step 6:

Now click the lock icon in the below of your screen,like in the following screenshot.
Macbook Tricks
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