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Google Unveiled its ARCore as its Answer to Apple’s ARKit

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Google’s ARCore is the answer of  ARKit which was unveiled by Apple a few months ago. The days are not so far when the hundreds of million smartphones will have the Augmented Reality (AR).


Google Unveiled its ARCore as its Answer to Apple's ARKit


  Its been a few months when ARKit was unveiled as the biggest AR platform in the world, but as Google has unveiled the ARCore that does not seems to be the case. Google’s ARCore will not require any special hardware, as it was required in the Tango project of Google.

iOS 11 is still in the queue for the launch, so ARKit will have to wait for its public debut, but ARCore is available right now. From today onwards, developers can use ARCore on the Pixel and Samsung’s Galaxy S8 for Android 7.0 Nougat or above. Eventually, Google would like to run ARCore to be in the millions of the android devices.


How does ARCore work?

ARCore basically does two things:

first is to track the position of the mobile devices as they move, &
second is to generate its own understanding with the surrounding.

The motion tracking technology of ARCore uses the camera to find the features and tracking those features or points over a time. With these combinations, the ARCore identifies the position of the phone when it moves.

ARcore let you place the objects such as animated characters in the way that they seem to be in the real world. You can place a bear in your bedroom and view it from the different angles, which will let you feel that it does exist on that place, and even when you leave your room and come back then you will find that bear at the same place you left it, that is its motion tracking feature of ARCore. Also, the lighting conditions of the ARCore is having a deep understanding of the real world lighting, hence the objects will reflect the same or similar amount of light which is actually at that place.

On which Platforms ARCore is available?

ARCore is available on the open source platforms for the developers to develop the app based on the ARCore technology. The platforms on which it is available are Android studio, Unity, Unreal engine.

The Key Technologies on which the ARCore is based include

Motion Tracking: This track the position of the phone with respect to the real world
Environmental Understanding: By this feature, the phone will get the details about the horizontal surfaces.
Lighting Condition: This will allow adjusting the lighting according to the surrounding lightings.
If you have tried this technology please do share your experience, how would you like to improve it, are there any features you want? Post your opinions in comments below and share this article.



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