Android Oreo has arrived with truckloads of features, with all cool UI / UX improvements that were promised in last year’s Google IO, with a ton of surprise features you may never need a Mod over Oreo.
Google finally released all new Android Oreo
Credit Google
After a lot of tease Google finally released all new Android Oreo , a new addition in series of android OS Android Oreo is 8th version of Android OS marking its territory in whopping 82 % of smartphone market.
Android Oreo is latest and much awaited OS from Google for smartphones, it has plethora of features and improvements. Just like an Oreo has chocolaty crisp biscuit outside and delighting cream inside, android Oreo has an eye soothing, smooth, fitting and beautiful UI / UX with great features inside. Yes, not only it looks good but it also has many features that are long awaited and demanded by both Android User base and developer communities.
Following are Android Oreo features to list a few
Advanced process management. How many times you have installed an app that you probably won’t use for weeks, probably more than often, but these apps do use system resources slowing down the apps you actually use. In order to efficiently use the system resources and to put more needed or frequently used application on priority, Android Oreo uses an algorithm to super power the apps you actually use or need more.
Great Autofill feature. Oreo remembers your identification on social media platforms and for other apps as well, even when you log out from the app, unless you don’t want it to remember. It removes infamous hassle of logging in, giving you instant access to your apps.
Run two screens at once. What if you could chat to a person and read news at the same time without switching from one screen to another? Oreo lets you exactly that by letting you run two screens at once , one of the screen will get smaller while other will get device sized.
Google finally released all new Android Oreo
Credit Google
See notification without switching to App: Oreo calls this feature Notification Dots, if you get notification from an app, instead of starting the whole app you just need to press the app’s icon and you will see the list of notifications, and this feature will surely save a lot of time.
Google finally released all new Android Oreo
credit google
Google Instant. Google instant lets you use apps as a webpage so you don’t have to install apps for one time use, for example a parking meter app or a QR app for a specific store etc. Google instant was introduced in Google I/O last year, it is available for limited apps right now and hopefully Google will introduce a full stack sdk in this version of Android OS.
Google Play Protect. Google will now scan apps for security reasons in order to protect users from security breaches. It will make Android more safe and less prone to attacks.
Efficient power management. Oreo manages power really well, it has improved power management feature up to an extent that it controls every aspect of your smartphone just to do that, whether you are walking , running , listening to music , transferring files, using emails etc.
Apart from these features there are plenty of hidden features that are not marketed very well but they are there like Oreo has 60 more emoticons, Custom UI settings for fonts, Custom accessibility feature with people with disability.  In application portability Oreo has Intradevice consistency in icons. For soothing experience of UI Ambient Screen highlights the incoming notification with larger font, highlighted app name and immediate access to actions. Deep color Enables applications to render richer visual.
For UI efficiency and application size reduction Oreo has downloadable fonts feature, fonts are included in an application only with need to have basis, if an application doesn’t needs a font it won’t have it in bundle, it helps in reducing the size of application.
There is also Background execution limits for better overall system performance. Background location limits the frequency of location updates for better overall system health.  Wi-Fi Assistant Auto-connects you to high quality open WiFi and secures your connection with a VPN back to Google.
Oreo will be available on your devices starting from Google’s flagship devices like pixel.



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