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German team WARR Hyperloop won the Hyperloop Challenge

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SpaceX held final round of Hyperloop Pod Design Challenge, Student teams from around the world placed their bets on 27th August 2017, The German team WARR Hyperloop emerged as winner clocking 324 kmph speed.

The Hyperloop Challange

The geniuses from around the world locked horns in Hawthorne California and made history. Undermining the speculation, every single team performed well while naysayers around the world ( mostly YouTube ) were dead sure that Hyperloop is a farce and won’t work.  The race held at a 1.6 km track, there were three teams in finals, WARR Hyperloop from Germany, Switzerland’s Swissloop and Paradigm, a team from US and Canada.
warr hyperloop
The Hyperloop Teams
Credit Hyperloop SpaceX
The WARR Hyperloop emerged out as the winner, which was a complete Student team from the University of Munich, WARR Hyperloop pod attained a whopping speed of  324 kmph or 201 miles per hour. Elon Musk shared following video to show the run that WARR Hyperloop took.
Although the target speed was 700 miles per hour, but it seems it is the long way to go. WARR team’s design is said to be completely aligned with the white paper produced by Elon Musk, and only one to attain maximum speed without any issues whatsoever during the run. The runner-ups, however, had some technical issues due to which they could not perform up to the mark.
Warr Hyperloop
Warr Hyperloop Presentation
Credit WARR Hyperloop “Tech Uni.of Munich”
The WARR Hyperloop team from Technical University of Munich (TUM) is said to have 50+ year-old WARR student group, focused on Advance Scientific and Engineering tasks and projects. The WARR Hyperloop’s body was made of Carbon Fiber. The team has their own workplace in TUM, with cutting-edge equipment and machinery. WARR group had worked many projects in past like Rockets, Aeronautics,  Satellite, Interstellar Flight etc.
This is not the end of Hyperloop competition, according to SpaceX, the Hyperloop competition will be held next year as well.



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