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Game of Thrones : Biggest bloodbath to come ?

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As season 7 unfolds a lot of theories to be true, there were many developments that neither Fans nor Actors anticipated. With new information and their emotional and strategical response things are going to be complicated in Game of Thrones.

Game of Thrones : Biggest bloodbath to come ?
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By the end of Season 7, we have so many plot twists that changed the entire landscape of the story. Starting from the newfound love between Daenerys and Jon. As we know the Northern Banners have lost faith in the concept of Non – Northern rulers. The banners were painstakingly united by Jon snow and their allies under the pretence that Jon will be the king and there will be no other king over him.

Jon, however, accepted the Daenerys as his queen without bending the knee, now what does that tells us? It may be so that he is not going to literally bend the knee but still accept her as his Queen. Sansa is finding it hard as it is to keep the banners together. When Northern allies learn about this new understanding between Jon and Daenerys, will they accept it or will they choose a new king, or it may be so a Queen in this case?

As if it wasn’t complicated enough for poor Jon and Northern allies, wait till they know Jon is actually a Targaryen, for the sake of plot I hope they and Jon himself accept this new reality along with the fact that he is a wolf by heart. Now addressing the elephant in the room, the blood relationship between Jon and Daenerys. Incest in Targaryens is not uncommon, in fact it is the norm, but since Jon’s upbringing is from North it would be worth knowing how the writers of the show will manage it.
Tyrion, however, seem distraught on Jon and Danny’s boat-sex, probably because he is a strategist and always thinking in the best interest of Daenerys and the realm. But there is also one more possibility, Tyrion’s reaction upon learning about his sister’s pregnancy wasn’t exactly in align with his hate toward Cersei and brand Lannister. Knowing that Lannister line would end if he didn’t save this child, should Tyrion’s priorities change? In previous seasons, only sane and sensible honest conversation Cersei had was with his estranged brother Tyrion, so there may be something like a brotherly love diverting Tyrion’s loyalty here. By the end of King’s landing scene, we know that Jaime is no longer with Cersei and there has to be a very good reason or Cersei to let Jamie go, perhaps a new plot is unfolding between Cersei and Tyrion that we might learn in season 8.
Game of Thrones : Biggest bloodbath to come ?


Talking about plots, our “main pimp of the realm” Little Finger finally ran out of luck. A lot of fans are disappointed that Arya ended Lord Baelish routine before you can finish saying “chaos is a ladder”.
Amidst the chaos in the alliance, the white walker finally reached the wall. Since with the help of Ice-Dragon the Knight King was able to break a portion of the wall, good people of North have less time than they thought they had earlier.
One Reddit user noticed a pattern in formation of the wights. According to this gentleman, the wights were forming a mirrored image resembling sigil of House Stark. On taking a closer look, it does certainly resemble a Wolf. Is it possible that Knight King is actually Brandon Stark and he is carrying his family sigil in this manner?

Game of Thrones : Biggest bloodbath to come ?

We don’t know, for the night is dark and full of theories.Smile with tongue out So to conclude we have a mad unreliable backstabbing Queen in the South and White walkers in the north, both wanting the other people dead. As we have a more deceptive plotline with white walkers coming early than anticipated it seems we are going to have a lot of untimely deaths in season 8.




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