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Floating Bluetooth Speaker ORB with magnetic charging

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Ever thought of bringing yourself a
Droid, well it isn’t a droid but it sure does looks like one. Today we are
presenting a gadget that floats in the air, and gives your den an aura like
Tony Stark’s lab.

Floating Bluetooth Speaker ORB with magnetic charging
Levitating Bluetooth Orb Speaker by Zvoltz
We came across this amazing Bluetooth
speaker from ZVOLTZ, with many features, but it is not just any Bluetooth speaker,
it has an elegant addition to it. The aesthetic design is a Sphere floating
over a Saucer like platform. You just need to set the orb on its magnetic
platform and connect it to your device that could be a laptop, iPhone, or iPad.
As the device is turned on it will light up, and start spinning perpendicular
to Magnetic Platform, this whole presentation gives a very unique and
futuristic feel to whole experience with this device.
Apart from aesthetics let’s talk
about functional points of the device, it’s of no use unless it serves its
basic functions, right? We tested this device on four
parameters, Sound Quality, Build Quality, Aesthetics, Ease of Use and Cost.
Functionality: Apart from being a Bluetooth
speaker, it also has a receiver so you can use for calling and recording purposes.
Quality of receiving sound is good, the orb charges itself from magnetic field
provided by the platform so it does not have a charger of its own. When in use,
it lights up LEDs and if you give it a gentle spin without disturbing its axis,
it will start rotating on its own axis while levitating and with LEDs on. The
charge remains for ten hours so it’s fairly good for speakers.
Sound Quality: Sound of this device
is good, it’s not comparable to a good high end speaker but it is comparable to
JBL Flip2. Since it can release sound in all directions its sound is somewhat
different to traditional speakers. Sound doesn’t cracks, there is little or no distortion,
and regardless of motion of the Orb sound quality doesn’t gets affected.
Build Quality : The orb and platform
is made up of plastic , sturdiness of orb is comparable to JBL or Bose of lower
segment price range, not very strong but not very weak either. Platform on the
other hand was sturdy, device weight is 250 grams, and cable quality not as par,
so build quality is less than satisfactory.
Ease of Use: Since you have to
balance the Orb on to the magnetic platform it’s a little unusual experience,
but you get used to it. You have to first plugin the platform to electricity
outlet, then gently hold and put the orb a few Cms above the magnetic platform
and slowly release it so that it has as little movement as possible, and you
have yourself a levitating Orb. It’s small so it is portable, so overall it’s
is very easy to use, not as easy as a plug and play device but still good
enough for a levitation device.
Cost: last but not the least, what is the cost of this product, unfortunately on this mark this product doesn’t impresses us on this mark. This product costs US $ 200, which is way expensive for a novelty / speaker of this quality in this range. So if you have heavy pockets go for it, its worth a shot.
So to conclude we really did like the product a lot, the pros outweigh the cons. So what do you like about this product, if you do , please mention it in the comments, if you have a cool gadget worth mentioning and sharing with fellow technophiles , please do let us know. 



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