Yes ..You have read it correctly. This post is for those people(actually everyone) who always forget the place where they left their Android phones. As the smartphones are not that much smart that they can locate us, so it is our responsibility to locate them. To overcome this problem the google introduced Find My Device.

Smartphones are getting cheaper as well as costlier too. Nowadays the smartphones are even available within $50 and on the other side the premium smartphones such as iPhones are much costlier than the lower cost phones that sometimes the phone costs 10-15 time costlier than a simple and a low-end smartphone.

To lose a smartphone is to lose the private stuff and many important documents which were on the phone. As in the today’s world phones are not only used to call and receive the calls on your phone. But you can do many of the works that you do with your computer. In other words, your phone is a replacement of the computer and that’s why it is named as “Smartphone”.

Today in this section we will be discussing a desktop as well as the android app by which you can find the location of your android smartphones as well as you can do the things with your phone which are discussed below.

You can ring your phone , lock your phone  and even can erase the data of your phone remotely by just using google’s Find My Device


What is Find My Device?

Find My Device is by default on all the Android smartphones which is associated with your Google account. This works on smartphones, Tablets, Wear watches. You can find the location of your devices with the help of Find My Device, You can remotely lock the device as well, Or you can even delete the data of your device which is associated with your Google account.
To locate your device, Your device which is lost must be under  the following conditions:
  • It must be turned on, It won’t be located by Find My Device if its in switched off mode
  • It should be signed in with your Google account otherwise it won’t be tracked down by the Find My Device
  • Must be connected to the wi-fi or mobile data connection to locate it
  • GPS must be on to locate its position
  • Must be visible Google play
  • Find My Device Must be ON

If your lost device is a wearable like smart watch then it must be running on Android wear 2.0 or up.

You can track your phone by the help of your pc or on other phones by signing on it with the same google id with which you were logged in the lost phone. now you will have to follow the following steps:
  • Just Go to this link and sign in with your google id there will be a number of device if you have more than one device connected to your google account.
  • Choose the device which is lost from the list of the devices you can see on your screen in Find My Device.
  • You can see the different options available on your screen now.
  • Now you can see your device in the google location map just as in above screenshot of Find My Device.
  • You can do three things with your device now  : 
  • 1.You can ring your phone for 5 minutes even when your phone is on silent mode the phone will still ring for five minutes.
  •  2.You can lock your phone with the pin or pattern lock you use on your phone. if you don’t have any lock being set on your phone, you can also set the pin for the phone remotely by Find My Device.
  • 3.You can erase all of the data on your phone.BUT beware that if you would erase the data , then you will not be able to locate your phone. It may delete the data in the SD card. Also after choosing this option Find My Device won’t work on the device.

Note: You will have to sync your device again after you find the device and when you erased everything in the device remotely to again make it sync with Find My Device.

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You can watch a video which is created by Google for the basic tutorial and information of Find My Device below:
Find My Device is basically a savior for those who waste a lot of time in searching their Android phones at their home and its even harder to find the phone by calling on it when the phone is on silent mode, but this application from google will make your phone ring even when its on silent mode.
Please share this post of Find My Device to help the ones who need to know it too.



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