The Malware creators who are not good with coding or who don’t want to code have been blessed by Trojan Development Kit (TDK) which can create “Ransomeware” without coding.

Symantec spotted an Android app which can create Ransomewares and that too without of writing codes. In past a Malware creator had to write a bunch of codes for  simple malware, but now the time has been changed. Anyone who wants to make a Malware can make it without of much hustle and coding through TDK.

Image Source:Symantec

Malware creators can use TDKs by just downloading a free app available from the social networking messaging services which are popular in China and also from some of the hacking forums. The TDK is free to download but when you create the Ransomeware , then you will have to make a one time payment. After the payment, the malware will be created and will store in the external storage, from where you can send it to the devices or users you want.

This app has a very user friendly interface which is just like an android app,the fact which makes it different is that it creates Malware.

There are also some of the customizing options in this app which include:

  •  The message which a malware creator wants to show on the screen.
  • The key which will be used to unlock the hacked device.
  • Creator can use a customize icon also.
  • Animations can also be used.
  • Mathematical operations to randomize the code. 

An app Which can Create Ransomeware Without Coding
Image Source:Symantec

The Precautions which we recommend to save your device from ransomeware are:

  • Always install the Apps from the trusted  sources.
  • Update your device regularly.
  • Don’t open attachments from unknown email addresses.
  • Always have a look at the Permissions which the app wants.

  We hope you read this article, and won’t use that app to create any Ransomeware .and will follows the above mentioned precautions.

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