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5 Promises To Make Your Startup Successful

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Today in this section we will be providing an insider for the success of your startup.As we know that the era of today is the startup’s era , not in any partiular sector but in every sectors , startups are growing at a higher rate than in the past . Nowadays , for the youth in any country , their role model is not a guy on the cinema screen , but the guy on the real screen such as Steve Jobs , Mark Zuckerberg , Elon Musk and many more to come in future.

The thing you would be thinking that what makes them so successful ,
what are their motivations , goals sets etc. We analyzed some of the
things which are common in most of the top successful entrepreneurs and
we figured out the 5 Promises which they made with their work to reach
where they are.


5 Promises to make your Startup Successful:

  1. Follow Your Dreams:

  When Your company is an startup then you have to think big ,means let your dreams to  expand their wings , as at this stage you have nothing to loose but much more to get . like Elon Musk , what he is doing was his dream , and yes he is getting successful in making his dreams come true , because he actually wanted those dreams to come alive.

5 Promises To Make Your Startup Successful
5 Promises To Make Your Startup Successful



 2. Never Be Afraid of Taking Decisions:

    This Promise is a bit difficult but its certainly needed to make your startup successful.Sometimes its not easy to take decision but at that time its also much important to take some hard decisions , like Steve Jobs did , he took so many hard decisions in his life because of which he was even criticized by everyone , but everyone knows that Apple is at that position because of him.


3. Accept Your Failures as steps of success:

  Promise Yourself that the failures which will come in your journey will never break you down . Failure , always does not means that you did it wrong , sometimes it means that you could do it better.So its a characteristic of an entrepreneur to accept his failure as the “steps towards the success”.


4. Be Honest with Your Work:

  We have heard the sentence “Honesty is the Best Policy” and in this case it actually is.Its not the class assignments or the home work which we can copy from anyone and if we don’t complete it on time then have an excuse , but…in this case its you who would be making excuse to yourself , so you would know that how bad is your excuse.If you are not honest with your work then nothing gonna work for your startup.


5. NEVER EVER Give Up!

  You Know why the success rate of startups is so low that only 1 startup out of 10 sustain and the remaining gets shut down ? The reason behind that is ,they all give up . Nothing is end until You are breathing ,being an entrepreneur is like being a Warrior , and a Warrior never give up. 


We wish all the luck to the budding StartUps.



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